Who da guessed?

The powers that be would have us believe Russia is the devil. That is why, out of all the info on this, I picked an RT video.

Not that joining the military wouldn’t carry the risk of being sent into harm’s way. Like the drug war we have to wonder… do these people mean well? are they stupid? or are they sociopaths?

excellent decision on Libya

The U.S. State Department evacuated its embassy in Libya and recommended all American citizens leave the country following clashes between militias near its offices in Tripoli.

Finally a smart foreign policy decision from the State Department. The downside is that Neo-cons will not have someone to blame for US losses such as those in Benghazi. Those deaths were not a result of “the administration’s” bungling a defense of Americans overseas. They were because Stevens and the others were there; plain and simple. Would we blame a drowning on someone’s failure to throw a life preserver when someone else pushed the victim into the water, knowing they could not swim?

In the age of instant communication there is no reason for any embassies. There is no reason for Americans to be saddled with the responsibility of protecting Americans abroad. They should do it on their own dime if they choose to go there so our Defense Department can defend Americans within its jurisdiction and do it well.

Here’s the story on Libya today: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-07-26/u-s-evacuates-embassy-staff-in-libya-to-tunisia-due-to-violence.html

Call it what you want…

… but it’s still corporate welfare.

Our State senator, Amanda Ragan was bragging about taking from the poor and giving to the rich as she listed tax credits for “renewable” energy. Our representative in the statehouse, Linda Upmeyer, was singing the praises of taxpayer funded job training in community colleges. all this in today’s Hampton paper.

I would expect such bs from the Democrat, Ragan. And come to think of it, Linda as well. There really is no difference. Whoever buys the candidate gets the spoils. They are in the position to legalize the crimes they commit.

Since someone might read this who doesn’t know me I’ll explain. Iowa’s taxpayers don’t owe trained workers to businesses or tax breaks to inefficient energy schemes. If an industry needs tax breaks or free worker training to exist it shouldn’t exist.

The carbon footprint Ragan mentions should be on her posterior as she exits. Unfortunately any power gained by individual victims is soon corrupted as in Iowans for Tax Relief. We have a democracy now so publicity rewards with “policy.” Policy = another word for wealth transfer, no crow-bar or gun  needed.

Mike Huckabee on border security


On Huckabee’s morning radio show he said Gov. Perry may be in the wrong deploying National Guard troops to enforce the Texas border because federal law opposes military involvement in border enforcement.

We may as well save some money and do away with the military altogether if they aren’t allowed to do their job. This is more evidence that the US government is now in power only to prop-up corporate interests (as in their involvement defending assets overseas and foreign entities), individual citizens be damned. If our military was in place to truly serve our nation it would be screening immigrants as fast as it could and turning away destructive elements. Immigrants seeking to improve their lives through opportunity furnished by common law is what brought us to be this incredible place (less so at an accelerating pace). It is the screening process and welfare state that need to be addressed, not just a secure border.