Van Morrison

One person who has revealed American music to Americans is Van Morrison. Before the Brits came along we were stuck in Monkey hell.

I think it is because they have been socialists longer than us. Grey, drizzly weather, little chance for economic advancement without crony connections makes Britain a dead end. As David Bromberg said, “You gotta suffer if you want to sing the blues.”

Van does protest songs in this article where we are being converted into an increasingly childish dependency police state. Checks come to pacify as the economy is transferred to giant retailers with no face. Soon, face to face contact with other people will be extinct. Men and women, needed to create workers will meet through internet to mate. Lipstick stains no more (an up-side).

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A Huge Difference, We’re Told

Donald Trump - Latest News and Top Stories | NBC News

So exciting. Another election so we can make a difference.

Well, I checked out the Libertarian (Large “L”) candidate just in case. She proposes universal basic income. The Libertarians are still going after the ignorant vote, apparently.

Lots of Trump signs around and just look at who hates him. I’m risking losing friends but I ask, “Why don’t you like Trump?” They say, “He’s not presidential. He’s a racist, homophobic, misogynist, transphobic, rude, crude, and overly confident appearing.”

I looked up “Trump homophobic.” What I found was appointment of conservative judges and that he took gay references off of the White House website. So what? What does the White House have to do with something so personal?

“Misogynist.” So what? His wife likes him.

“Transphobic.” So what? If you don’t like each other, don’t hang out.

All these complaints are rooted in a perception that Trump won’t steal for you. Where is your self esteem? As long as you think you deserve favors because of your status in the world, then favors granted to some one else at your expense are on the table as well.

“Rude, crude, and overly confident appearing.” There are words I try not to use around ladies and in public. They describe Trump pretty well.

“Not presidential.” Well at least he has one thing going for him. Look back at the most popular presidents, all warmongers and welfare statists (which are the same thing). The greatest loss of American lives, liberties, and wealth occurred under their rule.

Look at yourself; what you consider to be the greatest joys of your life. None of those so-called greatest presidents contributed to those things. They probably were diminished by them.

Oh yeah. It’s about Trump. The best part, he’s an outsider. The worst part, he’s controlled by insiders. How else to explain his failure to reveal the redacted parts of the Kennedy assassination and 9/11 Commission reports as he promised? How else to explain his reluctance to let foreign nations defend themselves? How else to explain his caving to the coronavirus mania.

He is now disavowing support for a universal shut-down and crippling of the economy. The “models” were wild and ridiculous over-exaggerations (now forgotten). While the rest of the Western World sees the second wave, Sweden’s death rate with no lock-down has plummeted. In the United States, total deaths from all causes is lower this year than last (according to the CDC). Does that sound like emergency lock-downs and economic disaster were warranted?

Gross Domestic Product is down 31%. The money supply has increased nearly 26% since March, which would equate to a 26% loss of purchasing power. A strong stock market, while being touted as a sign of a strong economy, is actually built on the fact that it takes more dollars to buy stocks. Was shifting vast quantities of wealth from individuals and small businesses to Amazon and Walmart done under the watch of a conservative? No, a puppet.

He has fired John Bolton and other maniacal military types as his handlers directed and appointed patriots, intent on bringing the troops home and putting America first. But that is after we’ve lost 7,000 troops and destroyed massive amounts of infrastructure and lives in other peoples’ squabbles.

That leaves little room in this column for the only other side that we are allowed to hear. On a scale of possible governments, the choice between big government Republicans and big government Democrats is about 2 percentage points apart. One wants to redistribute your hard-earned money and brags about it. The other wants to redistribute your hard-earned money and denies it.