15,000 Servicemen to Worship

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Transgender troops attending White House LGBT Pride event 1
Senior Ariman Logan Ireland and his fiance Army Cpl. Laila Villanueva.
Senior Airman Logan Ireland, right, with his fiance, Army Cpl. Laila Villanueva. Photo courtesy of Rhys Harper.
A transgender airman and his financée, a transgender soldier, will attend Wednesday’s LGBT Pride Month reception.

Both Senior Airman Logan Ireland and Army Cpl. Laila Villanueva were the subject of the recent documentary “Transgender, at War and in Love,” directed and produced by Fiona Dawson.

The Air Force has been supportive of Ireland’s decision to serve as an openly transgender airman. He will attend Wednesday’s event in a male dress blue uniform.
“Being invited to the White House as an actively serving transgender airman is one of the most humbling experiences of my life so far,” Ireland said in a statement emailed to Air Force Times. “To be able to attend in my male dress blues is ground breaking.

“For the first time I will be myself when I put on my blues, and I will carry a newfound sense of pride. Representing my Air Force at the White House is a great honor. However, being able to represent the more than 15,000 transgender military members that are still serving in silence is why I am there.”

In the documentary, Villanueva says the Army has not been supportive of her transition to a woman. Villanueva, a nurse at Tripler Army Medical Center, Hawaii, said she has been asked to tell patients to treat her as male.

She will attend the White House event in civilian attire.

“To be able to attend this event is quite surreal in itself,” Villanueva said in a statement to Air Force Times. “But to be able to attend as my authentic self is even more amazing. Although I have not been permitted to wear the female uniform, to be there dressed and seen as the person I am is good enough for me. I will be amongst other members who have only dreamt of being where we are at today.”

Both Ireland and Villanueva believe transgender service members have the momentum on their side to eventually be able to serve openly, without fear of being discharged.

“We are ready for our military to recognize us,” he said.

“We have come so far and we will all look back one day and humbly smile at our accomplishments,” she said.


I doubt this will stop the worship of the military that is so prevalent nowadays. But it might cause some of the conservative busybody set to step back and give it some thought. As far as how somebody lives their life is no business of mine. If this man wants to be a woman and the woman wants to be a man what’s it hurting? Compare that to the conservative busybodies. What are they, independently wealthy? If so, what if they filled cracks in the highway or kept worms off the sidewalk when it rains?

If you consider that the president has directed drones to kill more innocent victims than the 9/11 terrorists did, it is still OK to give servicemen our respect but what is their purpose? To do as the Nobel Laureate directs them?


… is really all colors. I learned that at art college. Then a prism divides the white into all of its parts.

This used to be the White House.

Why should the state (the government) be involved in marriage? Because they are involved in all these other things they should not be involved in. It is like a lie. Once told, more lies are required to support it. Then it is not just one lie. Soon the world is full of lies. One little program, Social Security for instance, seems like just a tiny thing. Then there are laws for the qualifications for Social Security. Then there are the disability programs associated with it and the requirements for spouses.

Social Security should never have existed in the first place. Because of social Security people have a false sense they needn’t save for retirement. All the savings that should be earning interest from people who need capital for business and other things are tied up in government. Social Security removes vast quantities of cash from the market. The market is the ultimate decider for allocation of resources.

Likewise, contracts between individuals should be a totally private matter. Marriage agreements need not involve anyone but the people being married and whoever they desire to be involved. Hospitals, insurance companies and investment brokers would be included here. The state is funded by all of us so those with no interest in a marriage are being cheated by any energy expended to control or licence marriage.

Rick Santorum and Dan Savage are both guilty of promoting a totalitarian state. They might be entertaining, but they should find more productive uses for their time.

No More Totalitarian Cowboy

OK, I admit. This is really about our destruction of Iraq.. Well, you can think what you will. Most things are like the old Ad-Lib books we played with if it rained on vacation.
You can fill in the blanks any way you like and the result is the same. It is wrong to intrude on someone else’s space. It creates unpleasantness and waste. We can all find some instance of this in our own lives. Some time we would like to do over. Time doesn’t work that way so we act like Cubs fans and try to do better necks (sic) time.

No More Totalitarian Cowboy

We started in the cattle business with six bred heifers. I can’t remember who was a guiding force at the time; probably vets and neighbors who did things as a matter of tradition. We ear tagged and vaccinated newborn calves because… well, I don’t know. We all need a little excitement in our lives and here was a handy way to get that.

I talk a lot about unintended consequences and intervention in this column. This time it has to do with cattle, but there are lessons in every business that we all can use.

In our first year of calving we found a new calf and went to tag and vaccinate it. Karl was a little kid and always willing to help. He grabbed its tail, the calf bawled and when I bent down to get the tagger, I found myself flying through the air. I landed in the drainage ditch about twenty feet away. I wasn’t concerned about the cracked ribs but my knee was telling me my volleyball career was over. We sold the cow.

Once we had a regular herd of cows we calved in cold weather before fieldwork to avoid the bottleneck of tending cows and planting at the same time. Things changed a whole lot when we switched from late winter/early spring calving to calving on green grass. Frozen ears and tails, scours, and time spent bedding have a way of sending a message.

We haven’t been totally devoid of problems but calving in sync with nature is like an early retirement while still reaping the rewards of the work. So much time is saved by the more suitable environment that the conflict with fieldwork is hardly a factor. And it is more humane to dump a calf on lush green grass than mud and snow. Calving in what’s called a dry lot is seldom dry.

Once we eliminated the problems caused by calving in cold wet weather the next problem is catching a calf that can run almost as soon as it hits the ground. Don’t intervene. Problem solved.

Last year we sold half our cows because of my knee and my back and the prospect of wrestling all those calves. This year I tagged and vaccinated the first ten calves and then I came to my senses. I go to the pasture to look for problems instead of to cause them. After reading a Kit Pharo newsletter I discovered what I had been thinking all along.

Cows take care of calves if allowed to do so. If we sell a cow that has the instinct to take care of its calf, we are culling one of our best employees.

Sometimes when I tagged a calf, it got up and ran away. Then the early bonding process was disrupted. This spring I couldn’t find a calf I had tagged as #72. I found it dead later on the wrong side of a barbed wire fence. I can’t help but think #72 would still be with her mom if I had left them alone.

I asked Kit about the effect of not vaccinating newborns. He said vets are trained to suggest it. I pondered the good health of the baby calves who missed a vaccination over the years. The funding for the universities that train vets comes from drug companies. Vaccinated cows that are exposed to pink-eye and other bugs in a natural time-frame pass that immunity on to the calves. Cows that calve before flies are present haven’t had time to develop that ability.

Now I’m a spectator. I record a cow’s number if she has a new calf and then leave her alone. This is a way to see if anyone needs help. And it makes the animals tame as they get used to me being there and not harassing them.

If you are like me, the main problem in your life is finding time to accomplish your dreams. I can’t claim to be caught up on that, but the garden sure looks nice and the band concerts have been a pleasure. Those are two things that might have been ignored if I was tagging calves or in the hospital.

Look at our experiences calving and relate them to politics, economics and our personal lives. Intervention needs to be very carefully considered or we suffer the unintended consequences.

Wild and Wacky World

So I go to post The Alternative here on WordPress and at the top of the page is a rainbow. You just have to settle back and watch. Federico Fellini is alive in heaven and running things now. It is out of our hands.

Conservatives, Republicans, whatever you want to call them, were shocked when Chief Justice Roberts approved Obombyacare. Why shocked. Roberts, appointed by socialist president, GW Bush is only doing what he was appointed to do.

He’s redeemed himself, however, in opposing federally mandated gay marriage. This pivotal issue will surely be the most important of this century. Soon babies will be manufactured at Ford and GM because sex will no longer serve a purpose but for pleasure. And to make things even more bizarre, gay marriage will continue to be opposed for the reason it is un-Christian.

What about opposition on the grounds the government has no place in marriage at all? Opponents and advocates alike are legitimizing government’s role by debating the subject. They are both on the same side.

Proper Use of the Law

Here is a great example of improper and proper use of law.

In Paris government licenced and regulated and protected taxi drivers throw a tantrum at competition from, much more efficient Uber. Proper use of the law would be to arrest these thugs and require restitution to the victims of their childish behavior.

Improper use of the law would be to regulate taxis and require a licence.


This man can take your freedom away…

…Well shucks. Life just isn’t fair.

In a land where law is used as theft and control rather than to defend individual rights, anything goes. And the privileged are, well… privileged. I’m not talking rich people or white people. The focus should be on government people.

Police dog dies after being left in hot car
WKRG Staff
Published: June 23, 2015, 7:34 am

New law requires hot car child death education
ALABAMA (WKRG) — There is tragic news involving the Gulf Shores Police Department in Alabama. A K-9 officer has died after he was left inside a hot patrol car. The dog’s name was “Mason”. WKRG has learned the K-9 officer was left inside the patrol car on Thursday. The dog and his handler, Corporal Josh Coleman, had attended the Hurricane Prep conference in Gulf Shores.

Coleman says he forgot Mason was in the backseat and left the dog inside the patrol car. There is no word on how long the dog stayed inside the vehicle. Corporal Coleman found the dog in distress once he noticed Mason was missing. The dog was rushed to a veterinarian. The dog was then transported to another vet in Pensacola. Gulf Shores Police say the dog was improving Friday morning, but died later in the evening. The Gulf Shores Police Department acquired Mason on November 17, 2014. The department just celebrated the dog’s third birthday on June 9.

The police department consulted with the Baldwin County District Attorney’s Office and Corporal Coleman will not face criminal charges. He does face “sanctions” with the police department and city.

Lost his head?

Really cool and unexplainable why quote from the N.Y. Times:

“12:40 p.m.

George Coetzee has lost his head at the U.S. Open.

The one on his driver.

The South African was teeing off on the long par-4 11th at Chambers Bay on Sunday when the head of his driver followed his ball right down the fairway. Coetzee was left to look quizzically at the shaft in his hands, wondering just what happened.

His playing partner, Jim Furyk, walked ahead and kindly picked the head off the turf and handed it to Coetzee, who still seemed unsure of how everything had come apart.

Since the club was damaged in the normal course of play, he was allowed to replace it.”

From the pictures this course looks like Scotland… or Mars. Fun. I did like trees before my Arthur Itis seized me joints up enough to make golf grief stricken. But when we see the sport at its roots, UK Land, it just seems right to not need L.A. style foliage. L.A. may look like this soon unless Al Gore comes to the rescue and changes the weather. We all know he can do it…. so baby get to it.

BTW, we are watching The Natural, a baseball movie with Robert Redford. He hits the ball so hard the cover comes off. Life is good. An old man making the youngsters’ jaws drop.