Call it what you want…

… but it’s still corporate welfare.

Our State senator, Amanda Ragan was bragging about taking from the poor and giving to the rich as she listed tax credits for “renewable” energy. Our representative in the statehouse, Linda Upmeyer, was singing the praises of taxpayer funded job training in community colleges. all this in today’s Hampton paper.

I would expect such bs from the Democrat, Ragan. And come to think of it, Linda as well. There really is no difference. Whoever buys the candidate gets the spoils. They are in the position to legalize the crimes they commit.

Since someone might read this who doesn’t know me I’ll explain. Iowa’s taxpayers don’t owe trained workers to businesses or tax breaks to inefficient energy schemes. If an industry needs tax breaks or free worker training to exist it shouldn’t exist.

The carbon footprint Ragan mentions should be on her posterior as she exits. Unfortunately any power gained by individual victims is soon corrupted as in Iowans for Tax Relief. We have a democracy now so publicity rewards with “policy.” Policy = another word for wealth transfer, no crow-bar or gun  needed.

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