A Family Reunion Contrast

We’ve been having a family reunion for the last month or so. These retirees drifted through here and pitched in on some fencing and brake breeding in between their card games and jigsaw puzzles. Best of all though, was the music.

Here I am, a fan of a broad range of genres and after all these years of knowing these people, I’m still shocked at the beauty that seems to flow effortlessly out of my in-laws. The gospel music has deep specific meaning yet can be interpreted in such a way to fit most peoples’ view of life.

As I’ve said in my movie review columns, I went to college with a goal of being a film director but went undiscovered and also lacked the same qualities as Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski, so I merely worked at what kept me fed and warm. I was recruited as cinematographer/director in documenting these beauteous moments. I did it without a director’s chair or a megaphone. I’m versatile.

Julys have turned into sessions like this so they can land on Dawn’s Facebook page. She created this page when the nursing homes did the opposite of New York’s Governor Cuomo so they could limit contact with covid-19 carriers from outside. She had been doing gigs at nursing homes two or three times a week and this was a way to still connect with the friends we had who were locked up. Since April of 2020 she’s been doing this almost every day. I didn’t realize there were that many songs to be sung.

Anyway,when I first began meeting my potential in-laws I thought, “Wow, these people are dull.” On further investigation they have been a perfect match for a guy who never fit in in California. A lack of criminal records and substance abuse adds up to more time spent contributing to the betterment of mankind. That constructive use of time defines the good side of people.

Phrases like, “You need to sing out more!” and “Let’s switch places.” are common in this group. I’ll take that any day over what you might find in a non-dull group.

I took a detour from this civil society to go borrow some ice. We headed over to a neighbor’s place and found them watching CNN. Hahaha. Now I have some idea what we are up against. On TV there were these people who obviously wouldn’t know how to pick sweet corn, much less exchange labor for an honest living, crowded around a microphone talking about the January 6th “insurrection.”

Like September 11 and the Kennedy assassination, the government won’t release all the evidence, in this case video, pertaining to the event. Yet these characters looked like their highfalutin outrage was as serious as if the devil was in their church. To add insult to injury they pass a bill to expand the Capital Police to California and Florida. The limited amount of footage we have been allowed to see would indicate the Capital Police should be fired and convicted of murder, not expanded.

But these clowns are still able to rule over people like my in-laws. CNN is the scariest horror movie I’ve ever seen.

Another moronic story on Slate

Tucker is a voice seldom heard in mainstream news. And as is often the case for people who advocate theft, Dan Bailey can only call names and never come close to a serious discussion. When we are all approaching a bread-line economy we can blame morons like Dan Bailey and their undeserved power over the lives of the productive people in our world.


Then, in further investigation we find Dan has Griffons? the same dog breed our intelligent son favors. These dogs must be very tolerant to associate with Dan when they could hang out with Karl.

Dan Bailey confronts Tucker Carlson at a story in Livingston, Montana on July 23, 2021.

Letter to Iowa Farmer Today

Fritz Groszkruger <4selfgovernment@gmail.com>Tue, Jul 13, 8:11 AM (10 days ago)
to Iowa

Hi,  I see Midwest Marketer has several publications. If you feel the information in this letter might benefit readers beyond Iowa Farmer Today, feel free to let them publish it. I could have sent it to all those others but since I only read IFT I didn’t think it would be ethical. I’ve done my research and found the limiting of info about these things is detrimental to everyone except the covid-19 profiteers. Please consider that. Fritz

Dear Editor,

In Baxter Black’s column, “Aunt Effie and the Virus” (IFT July 3, Midwest Marketer) Mr. Black abandons his usual insightful logic.

He describes a brief history of folk medicine leading up to modern medicine. A key element of that story is the USDA and FDA approval process and how years are required to determine if the medicines do as the labels say.

He states that “alternative medicine” requires a label that states, “This product has not been evaluated… and is not approved…”He says the FDA “… can protect the public from what used to be called ‘quacks.’ “

He asks if we are afraid to use all these vaccines in our animals that have gone through rigorous testing. He then goes on to implore us to get an experimental gene therapy that has not gone through the process that the animal medicines have.

He ends his column with “P.S. Ivermectin is a horse wormer.”

Ivermectin is not only a horse wormer. Nineteen countries in Africa received Ivermectin for years to treat for river blindness caused by the blackfly. Adjacent areas compared to those with Ivermectin treatments showed significantly higher positive covid-19 test results.

At least two other drugs have been found to have more than one use. Minoxidil (Rogaine) was originally used to treat high blood pressure and is now widely used to grow hair on bald heads. Demachlocycline is an antibiotic that was used to treat dangerously low sodium levels in my mother-in-law.

Censorship of diverse information regarding Covid-19 is widespread. Wikipedia removed a message from the actual inventor of the mRNA vaccines that warned of their negative effects, for example.

The marginalization of safe and inexpensive treatments for and prevention of covid-19 in favor of taxpayer funded so-called vaccines smells a little fishy. An article in the Wall Street Journal recently revealed that there have been eight new billionaires created in the ranks of pharmaceutical company executives since President Trump gave our money away to develop covid-19 vaccines.

Fritz Groszkruger

Baxter Black