Poignant War Street Journal headlines

Below the fold on the April 25 and 26 (Weekend) edition are these two headlines side by side:

“World Awash In Too Much Of Almost Everything.” and “U.S. Commandos Span The Globe.” Subheading: “American special operators landed in 81 countries last year, as the U.S. seeks new ways to project power.”

“World Awash In Too Much Of Almost Everything.” (This refers to the commodities bubble and what the banksters call the dreaded deflation. They hate deflation because it makes the things they want to sell cheaper with less expectation of price increases. People will save for retirement making investment money available instead of spending every penny trying to snatch up those bargains before the price inflates. The banksters want the illusion of prosperity that inflation creates so their cronies in government can claim good times and stay in power so they can grant more of your favors to the status quo.

The second headline: “U.S. Commandos Span The Globe.” Subheading: “American special operators landed in 81 countries last year, as the U.S. seeks new ways to project power.”

Put these two headlines together and it is self explanatory why we have to have a military as large as the rest of the whole world combined. Each of those 81 countries has the good guys and the bad guys. No matter which side we take, the other side is then our enemy. We now have enemies in 81 countries, guaranteed. Follow the campaign donations for the hawkish contributors and it becomes evident we don’t really intend to make the world a better place, we just like the taxpayers to buy men and military hardware to enrich industry that would otherwise not exist. That money would buy swing sets and cancer cures instead, for example.

Short analysis of the presidential election

The fact that most people fall for the story that there is much difference and an election is going to turn around a country based of international arrogance and a widespread entitlement mentality is the most concerning story in the upcoming election.
The welfare / warfare state’s existence is not in question, only to what degree we are ripped off to support it.
BTW. Hillary is toast already. The media and establishment Democrats are seeing her baggage and searching desperately for someone just like her but with a better public image.

The other Benghazi

Continuing on the Hillary kick, I don’t know why I didn’t make the connection before but…

The murder of Chris Stevens, our arms dealer to the Syrian rebels, has been a great rallying cry for Republicans. They really hate it when our intrusions reap what they sow. Of course they blame Hillary for the death of Stevens and his cohorts in Benghazi even though they shoulda been doing a backyard barbecue somewhere in our defense department’s legal jurisdiction (USA).

Now, with the drowning deaths of those poor souls trying to escape Libya, where is the conversation about why these people need to leave? The Republicans could blame Hillary for that but then they just love sending all that hardware and “help” all over the world. So the blame really lies at the feet of those interventionists at the root. And a bunch of dark, poverty stricken refugees aren’t worth mentioning compared to a diplomat and some Navy Seals.

Anyway, this cartoon is a good illustration of where serious thought resides in America. The focus on Hillary is easy but who can tell the difference between her and the others in the big scheme of things? “Blowback” is never mentioned in conservative circles, is it?

“We came, we saw, he died.”

So said Hillary, Secretary of State, upon the US assassination of Muammar Gaddafi. Gaddafi had relinquished his WMDs in order to get along with the world. He was a ruthless dictator and we now know Middle Eastern peace only exists under such governments.

I don’t know the total (who does?) but hundreds of refugees have drowned in desperate attempts to flee the chaos we created in Libya. Amazing that someone responsible for so much mayhem has the balls to run for president. It doesn’t serve to compliment the US voters. We should be ashamed.

Secure in our persons… Ha!

Rand Paul’s pal Mitch McConnell has introduced legislation extending the Patriot Act. What if he just boarded a plane to East Germany with Steve King? Oh. That wouldn’t work. Their government failed. Like ours should if we keep letting them steal our raisins and spying on us.

The story:http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2015/04/22/Patriot-Act-extension-bill-introduced-by-Sen-McConnell/4101429704359/

Raisin story: http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-court-california-raisins-20150422-story.html

The most important election in US history

Things are getting pretty scary out here. We could get Ted Cruz, who is anti-(gasp)ethanol. Bobby Jindal who looks like a techy. Rand Paul, who called McCain and Lindsey Graham lap-dogs for Obama’s foreign policy (who really knows what he thinks but I like the direction here). Chris Christie (middle name Christ?), of the neighborhood where a horse’s head is used for communication. Scott Walker (union buster), well alright. Jeb Bush (oil instead of scotch). Donald Trump.

But the funnest one of all is Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife: (thanks Ed Steer)