Doesn’t Matter

Busy hands are happy hands. Harvest time. Couldn’t be happier. Haven’t even figured the soybean yields we finished Friday night. Thank God the radio quit working in the tractor. The BS that is surfacing about The Donald’s uncouth behavior is the most obviously orchestrated manipulation of Churchill’s view of an electorate I can think of. But either way… a 45% tariff on imports? How about calling it what it is, a gift to unions and theft from consumers. Or maybe he was just joking. Hahaha.If our government isn’t the laughing stock of the world, it is the crying stock. I leave out Hillary because she isn’t worth the paper, and this isn’t on paper.

I’d hate to own a bumper sticker company right now. “None of the above” just doesn’t cut it when we are struggling to be positive. I’ve shied away from the presidential election in this column because my optimistic side wants to believe it doesn’t matter.

If you’ve used my short reading list (The Law, 1850) you’ll know that Frederic Bastiat rightly points out that in a nation with law, elections should be of little consequence because law applied in its proper use restricts government to preserving the rights of individuals as long as there is no right taken from someone else to that end. All the other functions of society can best be guided by free association in a free market.

The reason the presidential election has become so prevalent in the news is because there is so much at stake in this “advance auction sale of stolen goods,” as H.L. Mencken describes elections.

People seem flabbergasted that out of 320 million Americans we are now faced with choosing between The Donald and Hill. There are actually 1,910 people (I assume they are people) who have filed with the Federal Election Commission. But the media only sees fit to present two for our perusal. I guess there might be one out of the 1,910 who is literate and would stand by his oath, but with all the loot that’s at stake in this auction there is not much chance we will ever know who that is.

Since government has evolved into a force of theft (democracy), the good people have decided to stay out of it. They are productive in the private sector instead of sticking their noses into other peoples’ business. They don’t see a need for forcing people to buy “alternative” energy that the market has determined to be too expensive. They don’t see a need to tell other countries how to run their own affairs and they don’t see a need to tell people here at home how to live their lives either.

But politicians truly believe that bureaucrats and committees can manage society better than an aggregate of millions of personal choices. They believe totalitarianism can provide greater prosperity than freedom.

That ignorance of economic principles is what drives them to seek public office. And the belief that productive endeavors further the good things in society better than government edict is what keeps the good people out of the political realm and on the job.

I haven’t watched any of the “debates” because my time is too valuable, but the word is that a school yard brawl is more civil and productive and the debates only reflect on the unsuitability of the candidates and the so-called moderators.

But maybe these people are exceptionally suited to an office that has evolved from executing constitutionally legislated law to crime boss.


Our address is Dumont but we live in the country and most of the time we go west to shop in Hampton. Whoda thunkit that after seeing Lionel Hampton live in  Central Park back in 1970 I’d end up calling Hampton my home. Even though a sooty teacher called Dumont “loser town” during the swimming pool bonding argument, I don’t blame the entire town of Hampton. Moving to Iowa was the greatest decision I ever made. I hope nobody else finds out about it. Anyway here isa taste of what a together band sounds like. Hampton, indeed!

Licence plate readers

Vehicle licenses were scanned at gun shows near the Mexican border, according to government emails. Above, people entering a 2013 gun show in Costa Mesa, Calif.

A story in the War Street Journal today had federal agents persuading local police to drive through parking lots at gun shows and using licence plate readers to identify the owners of cars at the shows. Well I haven’t done anything wrong, right?

Dawnie sang the Donovan song, Colors, at the Ho Down for my birthday tonight. The line: “Freedom is a word I rarely use without think’n,” has huge meaning. 99% of people who use the word “freedom,” don’t think about it.

Some do, though.My dad and I both thought the best way to benefit our country would be to vote for someone like Tom Harkin. We are on such a downward spiral, a vote for… heck… anybody would hasten the rebuilding process. After the collapse.

In the article the ACLU is collaborating with Gun Owners of America to fight this scourge. Oh Yeah. That is what I call an alliance.