Who da guessed?

The powers that be would have us believe Russia is the devil. That is why, out of all the info on this, I picked an RT video.

Not that joining the military wouldn’t carry the risk of being sent into harm’s way. Like the drug war we have to wonder… do these people mean well? are they stupid? or are they sociopaths?

3 responses to “Who da guessed?

  1. What people might be “sociopaths”? And what does a Fukushima radiation leak and alleged U.S.S. Reagan contamination have to do with Russia?

    • The sociopaths would be the superiors who directs US sailors to drink radioactive water and so forth. I didn’t find any sort of apology or remorse evident from those responsible.

      Russia only had to do with the network that produced this video. I haven’t seen any evidence of actual wrongdoing by the Russians. And yet the hatred for them is over the top in the media and western governments. Never let a villain go to waste. It seems like secession is the best option for peace in a lot of situations, seeing as diverse populations invite discord much of the time. What does eastern Ukraine have that makes it worth keeping? And why do *we* care so much?

      On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 9:06 AM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


      • Looking at the behavior of the Obama administration, I don’t think we do “care” so much — and rightfully so (though Obama’s standoffish response to Putin’s antics are borne out of his viewpoint that situations in foreign countries and U.S. foreign policy are a nuisance, or annoyance, a distraction from his primary focus of collapsing the U.S. economy and cultural systems). The ones who care are the neocon John Boltons, Monica Crowleys, Sean Hannitys, etc. who stay alive and in front of a camera as a paid talking head as long as they can demonize certain foreign regimes and/or leaderships in other countries with sensationalized and trumped-up disaster outcomes. Otherwise, with Putin and Ukraine, there really is nothing there about which to get excited.

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