Free to fight.

I found this story on Yahoo News about Christian fighting back against ISIS ( This seems like a good way to go about it. Once ISIS threatens the United States, we have a military for that. If they threaten aid workers, sympathizers or missionaries that is their decision to be there, not mine. Like Dawn’s dad said about hitchhikers, “they knew they were walking when they started out.”

Jordan, a neighbor to those crazies, has shown the will to combat them as well. Maybe this situation will give evidence who the real bad guys are.

Terror? What terror?

Page A8 in Wednesday’s War Street journal: “Czech Republic, Shooter Kills 8, Then Self,at Restaurant.”
The short article goes on to say the act wasn’t believed to be an act of terrorism. OK. So the diners there were just sitting around sipping soup in total peace and contentment while this maniac sprayed death and destruction through their midst?

This distortion of our language seems intentionally designed to force more power into the hands of the benevolent state. (“Benevolent” being the sarcastic portion of this message.)

Label GMOs? Of course!

Hershey’s is pulling or labeling its candy with GMOs. Good for them. Whether there is a danger from such ingredients is still in question. What is not in question is whether the government should require labels on food. Of course not. There are already laws against fraud that cover that and if consumers want GMO free food then they can pay for the products voluntarily labelled as such. They are still free to do so. If the GMO free food costs more to grow, that cost can be passed on to consumers. If they feel the cost is too high for recklessly bred foods, they can buy food that has a more controlled breeding regimen (GMO).

Voluntary action is more efficient than government guided markets. Let’s not force, already cash strapped consumers to pay more for food that hasn’t been proven to be less harmful than food directed by market forces.

If you can point out damage done by GMOs, let me know. I’m always open to new information.

Avenging Chris Kyle?

It has puzzled me for a long time why when we hit a hornets’ nest with a stick, we blame the hornets when we are stung. As usual Ron Paul inserts a bit of wisdom on the subject:

“If Eddie Ray Routh had never served in the military, I’m of the opinion that he would probably not have killed anybody. He would not be imprisoned for life and Chris Kyle would be alive today. Much of the blame should lie with our foreign policy of interventionism and the VA’s faulty reliance on psychotropic drugs for treating the guilt associated with preemptive wars.”

I have to wonder what people have against these decent young men that they want to turn them into monsters. Politically incorrect as it may be to say so Kyle’s and Routh’s mission had nothing to do with protecting Americans’ freedom and everything to do with promoting an unachievable utopia on the backs of the productive people of the United States. Routh’s insanity and Kyles murder are a direct result of the delusional idea that there are enough resources left after Americans raise families and contribute to their communities to control the entire world.

It is hard not to hate the fools who take us along on their foolish mission.

Article about Routh’s cocktail:

Letter to Ben Keiffer, Iowa Public Radio

Dear Mr, Keiffer,

I am in a tractor doing chores and so only hear parts of your show discussing marijuana, so forgive me if I missed something.

It would be beneficial to the public if, in addition to the details of medical uses and so-forth, the human rights angle was addressed.

It is a third world dictatorship mindset that allows a government to regulate what we may legally ingest. With the delay and cost overruns in the big state prison project, a natural progression of the subject would go to why such a prison is needed. Then, why so many cops?

A governor who denies a family from ANY treatment for suffering ill people would, objectively, be considered committing assault and subject to jail time.
A governor who denies anyone the right to do anything that doesn’t aggress on others should be subject to the same thing.

Let’s think outside the box and search for real causes and solutions not excuses and bandaids.

Love, Fritz

More interesting info on the murder of Michael Hastings

For all you Obombya bashers, small government types and military worshippers out there; this case is important in guiding us toward the decision on who we defend and who we defend ourselves against. Do some research on Michael Hastings. Follow hunches. Question assumptions. Buy an old reliable car and sell your guided missile.

As usual, read the comments section. It is important, as is the source, in all the news we read.

Tales From the City

It always irks me when I hear these politicians wanting to grow Iowa when it seems about right to me. That growth comes on the backs of the people already here. Oh yea, we’ve got some potholes that need fixing, but politicians improving things does not bode well for the people of the state. What we need more of is politicians having family outings, maybe with a photo op to prove they aren’t doing anything. Every negative aspect of city life has its roots in Politicians “doing something.” I always look at the National Parks as a destination to keep tourists away from the truly beautiful and peaceful parts of the country. Cities do the same thing. The greenies push for crowded population centers so they can take their professorial stipend and visit unspoilt paradise while the ghettos fester because of overcrowded conditions. No, George Will didn’t write this.
Thanks a lot for reading. I’m looking forward to any disputes or comments adding to my efforts.

Federal dietary guidelines will now be influenced by the effect of food production on the environment. Just the fact that there is such a thing as federal dietary guidelines should make everyone laugh so hard that the national obesity crisis would be solved because with all the laughter no one would have time to eat. But alas, we pay these fools to study these things without a second thought. My befuddlement with the acceptance of politicians managing our lives leads me to throw up my hands and write history this time.

My story about my summer in Alaska was well received so I thought this urban adventure might be of interest. I hope Iowa politicians take note as they dream up schemes to attract more people to a state that I live in because it was rural.

I walked over to Bob Gardiner’s for a visit one sunny morning. I had known Bob from Newport Harbor High but he was just an acquaintance. We became best friends when we found we were both at California College of Arts and Crafts. Bob lived a block from Oakland Tech, where Huey Newton graduated in 1959 without the ability to read. Newton went on to get a PhD and founded the Black Panther Party (to give an idea of the neighborhood). Bob later became famous himself, earning an Oscar in 1974 for a short film, “Closed Mondays” (available on YouTube). He also wrote for the Smothers Brothers and sculpted the California Raisins claymation commercial.

Marcel, a retired maritime cook who lived in Bob’s apartment building, was serving a cold lunch in the vacant lot adjoining the building. Marcel was crippled and had a heck of a time navigating the steel stairway on the end of the building. We helped him carry the steak tartar, vichyssoise, and gazpacho down to the lot full of broken concrete and glass. We sat on milk crates around an old wire spool. Marcel had traveled all over the world on merchant freighters and knew his stuff. We were living like kings. If Marcel were alive today he would be waiting for the union to let him go back to work.

But this isn’t the day I was talking about. Bob had friends coming down from Eugene the next day and we planned on going over to San Francisco for Chinese together.

We were all quite impoverished so we pooled our money to make sure we had enough and off we went, the five of us across the Bay Bridge, one of Bob’s friends holding all our money. We found a place to park a ways from China Town and the guys all caught a cable car that I somehow missed. That was the last I saw of all the cash I had to spend. I walked to North Beach and China Town, hoping to find my pals to no avail. But I ran into Tom Moy, who I had known in Newport Beach. How could I not find Bob and the guys but meet Tom and his girl friend four hundred miles from where we last met? They bought me a hot fudge sundae.

By then it was getting pretty late and I lined up with about a hundred other hitchhikers on Broadway headed to the East Bay. It didn’t take too long until I piled into an old Chevy with about five others headed for Berkeley. On the Bay Bridge the fellow in the front passenger seat started talking about the danger of going so fast, obviously out of his head on dope. The driver had the presence of mind to motion to us to lock the doors but that goofball opened the door and was halfway out, going fifty miles per hour, before we grabbed him and pulled him back in and hung on. He became even more agitated as we drove north to Berkeley and the driver pulled over to the side of the freeway just in time for our patient to jump out and run down the side of the freeway, never to be seen again.

Well, at least I was on the right side of the bay. I had about five miles south to get home. It was late at night and I stuck out my thumb as I walked, if a car was coming by. A Buick Electra about thirty feet long stopped and I hopped in. There were three black kids in there about my age. I imagine they thought I was like all the long haired white kids on TV so they asked if I had any dope, then if I had any money. I told them I had $56 but it was for my rent, due the next day. The guy in the back seat pulled out this huge pistol and waved it around telling me he was going to shoot me and throw me out the door.

I gave a nice speech about how I was exploited by the rich corporations just like they were and it was all the money I had in the world. I talked like a good Democrat so they considered me part of the brotherhood of victims. They drove out of their way to take me right to my door. We shared high fives and right on brothers and I stumbled into my room at three AM. I found the landlady’s cat had been locked in and made a nice puddle on my bed so I threw the covers outside and curled up on the floor and went to sleep. No wonder I stayed in Iowa.

So, keep it up politicians. Dole out tax breaks and incentives to Google and Microsoft. We’ll all learn from example that income comes from a good line, not hard work. Would you really pay someone to formulate diets based on cow flatulence?

Lesley Gore

Another reason why I feel I own myself, why I am a libertarian. Lesley Gore wrote music and performed during my formative years. You could say It’s My Party had the same message. I can hardly believe she is dead at only 68 of lung cancer as of February 16, only 4 years older than me. I like the way she belts this out: