Free to fight.

I found this story on Yahoo News about Christian fighting back against ISIS ( This seems like a good way to go about it. Once ISIS threatens the United States, we have a military for that. If they threaten aid workers, sympathizers or missionaries that is their decision to be there, not mine. Like Dawn’s dad said about hitchhikers, “they knew they were walking when they started out.”

Jordan, a neighbor to those crazies, has shown the will to combat them as well. Maybe this situation will give evidence who the real bad guys are.

Terror? What terror?

Page A8 in Wednesday’s War Street journal: “Czech Republic, Shooter Kills 8, Then Self,at Restaurant.”
The short article goes on to say the act wasn’t believed to be an act of terrorism. OK. So the diners there were just sitting around sipping soup in total peace and contentment while this maniac sprayed death and destruction through their midst?

This distortion of our language seems intentionally designed to force more power into the hands of the benevolent state. (“Benevolent” being the sarcastic portion of this message.)

Label GMOs? Of course!

Hershey’s is pulling or labeling its candy with GMOs. Good for them. Whether there is a danger from such ingredients is still in question. What is not in question is whether the government should require labels on food. Of course not. There are already laws against fraud that cover that and if consumers want GMO free food then they can pay for the products voluntarily labelled as such. They are still free to do so. If the GMO free food costs more to grow, that cost can be passed on to consumers. If they feel the cost is too high for recklessly bred foods, they can buy food that has a more controlled breeding regimen (GMO).

Voluntary action is more efficient than government guided markets. Let’s not force, already cash strapped consumers to pay more for food that hasn’t been proven to be less harmful than food directed by market forces.

If you can point out damage done by GMOs, let me know. I’m always open to new information.

Avenging Chris Kyle?

It has puzzled me for a long time why when we hit a hornets’ nest with a stick, we blame the hornets when we are stung. As usual Ron Paul inserts a bit of wisdom on the subject:

“If Eddie Ray Routh had never served in the military, I’m of the opinion that he would probably not have killed anybody. He would not be imprisoned for life and Chris Kyle would be alive today. Much of the blame should lie with our foreign policy of interventionism and the VA’s faulty reliance on psychotropic drugs for treating the guilt associated with preemptive wars.”

I have to wonder what people have against these decent young men that they want to turn them into monsters. Politically incorrect as it may be to say so Kyle’s and Routh’s mission had nothing to do with protecting Americans’ freedom and everything to do with promoting an unachievable utopia on the backs of the productive people of the United States. Routh’s insanity and Kyles murder are a direct result of the delusional idea that there are enough resources left after Americans raise families and contribute to their communities to control the entire world.

It is hard not to hate the fools who take us along on their foolish mission.

Article about Routh’s cocktail:

Letter to Ben Keiffer, Iowa Public Radio

Dear Mr, Keiffer,

I am in a tractor doing chores and so only hear parts of your show discussing marijuana, so forgive me if I missed something.

It would be beneficial to the public if, in addition to the details of medical uses and so-forth, the human rights angle was addressed.

It is a third world dictatorship mindset that allows a government to regulate what we may legally ingest. With the delay and cost overruns in the big state prison project, a natural progression of the subject would go to why such a prison is needed. Then, why so many cops?

A governor who denies a family from ANY treatment for suffering ill people would, objectively, be considered committing assault and subject to jail time.
A governor who denies anyone the right to do anything that doesn’t aggress on others should be subject to the same thing.

Let’s think outside the box and search for real causes and solutions not excuses and bandaids.

Love, Fritz