Odd ways to look at the Constitution

Trump is accused of unconstitutional actions by withholding aid to Ukraine.

That would be aid specifically forbidden by the Constitution.

In Iowa, the ACLU is suing the governor for not allowing federal funds to be spent by Planned Parenthood for “sexual education.” They claim Planned Parenthood has a “constitutional right” to our money.


It is only from a special point of view that “education” is a failure. As to its own purposes, it is an unqualified success. One of its purposes is to serve as a massive tax-supported jobs program for legions of not especially able or talented people. As social programs go, it’s a good one. The pay isn’t high, but the risk is low, the standards are lenient, entry is easy, and job security is still pretty good. …In fact, the system is perfect, except for one little detail. We must find a way to get the children out of it.
 Richard Mitchell, The Leaning Tower of Babel [1984]