Le Concert

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This is the review I posted on Netflix:

“Many reviewers are getting this wrong. This is a quirky film. It doesn’t follow a diagram of proper film. It surprises. It is diverse. It changes from moment to moment. It is entertaining and absorbing. Take off your stuffed shirt and have some fun here. Disclaimer: I sorta stole the record of Heifetz doing the piece when I went away to college 50 years ago and wore it out. So the music grabbed me. Also, I lived in Oakland and every old beater had a Raiders sticker in the window. Same deal… ragtag. Great and unbelievable story. Movies need to be believable? No.”

Stay for the ending.  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1320082/


I had a very thoughtful and long response to my column linking Nazis with socialists. I’m sad for the lost time spent by that responder mouthing illogical bs. Phaedrus 45 posted this and it comes in handy as a simple explanation. Intentions don’t automatically produce results they intend to produce.



They are socialist because the government took control of all factories all banking all farming and all healthcare. I am truly sorry for your lack of education. If you were to read mien Komph you would see the ranting about evil millionaires and evil banking and the need for equal wealth

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The insights of Phaedrus45 make us soulmates. 

If only we’d known

Imagine the great crossover country artist, Emmylou Harris (pictured here with colaborator, Gram Parsons) in front of a Confederate flag. The pop idol worshippers of today might have thought differently about this tremendous musician. What a shame closed minds intercept such potential loving relationships.