Missin’ the Old Man

This column will come out. No, not come out, be published, after Father’s Day. “Come out” means something different these days.

There are lots of things that mean something different these days, such as “man.” Chelsea Mitchell is one of four female athletes in Connecticut who are suing the state to preserve women’s sports for only women.

As we read the news (or listen, or watch) we rarely can take it for face value. Chelsea wrote an op-ed for USA Today. It was edited to change the word “man” to “transgender” without her consent. Thousands of readers rely on USA Today to present information to aid in their view of the world and the evidence shows that view is based on lies. Consider this when choosing public opinion over law as guidance for policy.

Policy is another word for theft anyway. I knew a young man who upon returning from his first session at college declared, “We voted for it.” He was referring to one of my usual rants against the welfare state. Think of what passes for news when you ponder how votes come about.

While my dad was not perfect, he gave me a gift that makes me who I am today. He was a businessman and there was no person that he met who he did not respect. He was a conservative Republican yet never fit the leftist vision of an elitist conservative. He was a kind and loving man and expected the same from anyone he met. But he was mature enough to know that people are often shaped by lies.

Dad has been gone almost ten years now. I still often refer to him as guidance in my daily life. I do things to make him proud.

He was a stock broker at E.F. Hutton in Santa Monica when I was a kid. Sometimes I sat on the floor by his desk while he worked. I have an acquaintance now whose parents were clients of his. He has expressed gratitude for Dad’s investment advice that enabled them to retire comfortably.

Think about that. Mr. and Mrs. Clark trusted Dad’s judgment of the worthiness of some companies so they could pursue the jobs they excelled at while earning the extra money to invest. Dad and the Clarks were free to do what they do best. The companies benefited from the Clark’s faith and Dad’s research and rewarded them.

Much of that perfectly simple system has been scrapped for a system based on lies. Renewable energy, steel tariffs, policing the world, and men in women’s sports are all based on lies. No one can prove otherwise. They can only change the meanings of words to justify deceiving us.

A father is more than a tool in the birthing person’s tool box. It is part of a team. I had a rough time for a while when Dad decided to leave his family. It was illustrative of his mysterious value as a father. In later years as we became best friends those rough times became valuable too as it inspired independent thought and a questioning of authority.

I’ve found that this column is being abandoned by some who don’t fit in with the choir. My relationship with Dad as mature adults never became the amen corner. We countered and sometimes changed our minds. I sure miss that.

Letter to WSJ on Cali’s violence

Dear Editor,

In “Colombia’s Former ‘Murder Capital’ Falls into Chaos During Pandemic” (June 11 WSJ) it becomes more plain why our country is sliding deeper into a more violent and less respectable state.

The author, Kejal Vyas claims that “the health crisis took priority over spending on social programs and antiviolence initiatives.” Where is the evidence that social programs stop gang violence?

In the U.S. social programs have proven to do just the opposite, replacing personal accountability with a faceless state. After so many years mired in murder and the same useless band-aids trotted out with no positive results, the author assumes his professors were correct and editorializes in the news pages to our detriment.

No wonder we elect more and more Marxists. Ditch the social programs and accompanying war on drugs and watch a free people get along, as law enforcement fills a proper role for a change.

Fritz Groszkruger

The Realm of Possibilities

Representative Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) has asked U.S. Forest Service officials if they can alter the orbits of the earth in order to combat climate change. I would speculate that it might be possible. After all, the 80-year war on drugs has eliminated drug abuse and the signing of the treaty ending LBJ’s 57-year long war on poverty will be an event worth celebrating. Government managed correctly, unlike the Democrats do it according to Republicans, has always come through.

Here is how I would do it: Turn the windmills around and power them with solar panels. If that doesn’t work, we could put a moratorium on driving electric cars to free up more power. If that still doesn’t work, we could ask Elon Musk to take a rope made of hemp fiber (a rope made from fossil fuels would counteract our efforts) to Mars and winch Earth around a bit. Maybe while we are at it we could eliminate the tilt so all Earth’s inhabitants could have an equitable shot at overcoming disadvantages of being different from one another.

Of course there will be the deniers. We need to marginalize them by using words such as “unproven” or “unsubstantiated” whenever they say some ridiculously unbelievable thing like “lab escape.”

We should take heart that there are people on our side while we face catastrophic events that come to light each time our government has succeeded in fighting the previous one. Just think if we hadn’t avoided the certain cataclysm of Saddam’s WMDs.

President Joe Biden is restoring criminal penalties for the accidental killing of migratory birds. Maybe turning those windmills around will suck all those dead birds back to life. Calling Dr. Frankenstein! It will be like Rogaine made for heart health, then a boon to the shampoo industry.

Wildlife researchers have estimated 1.4 million bird deaths if the 2008 windpower target is met. That will have to be updated to reflect Biden’s offshore expansion plans. Carrion eaters at sea, congratulations! Windmills get a bad rap here though. Window crashes account for 600 million dead birds per year. Do we hunt down a pickpocket and ignore Bernie Madoff? Do we hunt down Bernie Madoff and ignore Social Security?

Dawn has saved about 10 birds who were stunned by hitting our windows. Sometimes they come to and fly off if saved from opportunistic dogs and cats. But the number of dead must be far higher. We don’t sit around the house listening for bird strikes. Should we turn ourselves in? Does Andersen have some culpability?

What an opportunity. New technology with a little help could save 600 million birds. A whole new industry could be created putting siding over windows and installing cameras and TV screens simulating the view outside. The TVs could even create an illusion that we are not home, but somewhere else. Grab your hunting gear or swimming trunks.

Save the birds!