Mike Huckabee on border security


On Huckabee’s morning radio show he said Gov. Perry may be in the wrong deploying National Guard troops to enforce the Texas border because federal law opposes military involvement in border enforcement.

We may as well save some money and do away with the military altogether if they aren’t allowed to do their job. This is more evidence that the US government is now in power only to prop-up corporate interests (as in their involvement defending assets overseas and foreign entities), individual citizens be damned. If our military was in place to truly serve our nation it would be screening immigrants as fast as it could and turning away destructive elements. Immigrants seeking to improve their lives through opportunity furnished by common law is what brought us to be this incredible place (less so at an accelerating pace). It is the screening process and welfare state that need to be addressed, not just a secure border. 

3 responses to “Mike Huckabee on border security

      • You are attempting to apply the tenets of the antiquated, anachronistic U.S. Constitution as justification for the utility of America’s military. The Constitution is no longer in force, ignored for many, many decades by the president, the judiciary and the two houses of congress. Today, the military, apparently, is for the purpose of wreaking havoc around the world, but we only wreak havoc on the side of the combatants we choose to take — even though we appear to be terrible at foreseeing the results that occur after we have chosen the specific side to support.

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