Pre Martin Luther

Martin Luther tried to reform a corrupt Catholic Church. One of the main features of the Catholic Church before he came along was that you could tattle on your neighbor and the priests could then confiscate your property, whether you were found legitimately guilty or not of whatever transgression, and give it to your accuser.

Here in Iowa we have flag-waving war-monger, Joni Ernst installed by the Republican Party to represent us in the US Senate. While the overthrow of Roe v Wade was big in the news yesterday, to me, Ernst’s vote against the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution was an even bigger issue because any literate person could already see that abortion is a state, rather than federal issue.

Really! I could call up the ATF and say so and so down the road seems a bit agitated and he has guns and they could legally go to his house and steal his guns.

Ernst should sponsor a literacy program and enroll herself.

The flag she’s waving should be that of the German Democratic Republic.

Greedy Oil Companies or Government Out of Control?

Everybody knows high gas prices are simply a matter of greedy oil companies, right.? And then we see the little stickers on the gas pumps; a picture of Biden pointing at the price saying, “I did this.” It looks like somebody should duke it out.

Now we look around and those of us who look past the “greed” thing and “Biden” thing see there is much more to it than white hats or black hats.

Prices were rising way before “Putin’s inflation.” even before Trump dished out the first of the Covid handouts. Despite drug companies having all the incentive in the world to fund their own research he gave them a billion dollars each, no questions asked. Then an already extravagant unemployment (so-called) insurance program was supplemented, the Paycheck Protection Program, and on and on. Every penny of it comes from working families through the inflation tax.

The safety net was totally in place and adequate for a pandemic, but not for the hysterical overreaction.

Remember the greatest attack on American soil? Same deal. Osama bin Laden was the pandemic of 2001, supposedly killing 3,000 people and wrecking a few lungs and buildings. Ron Paul went before Congress and immediately proposed using Letters of Marque and Reprisal as specified in the Constitution to pay for the capture of self-proclaimed instigator, bin Laden.

As with a logical scientifically guided plan to limit the pandemic’s damage, Paul’s idea for capturing bin Laden was way too cheap: Or maybe would delve too deep?

Europe and Russia had an ideal business relationship. Russia had gas and Europe had manufacturing acumen. Things were going along pretty well with no Cold War to divert cash from useful purposes but…

Some point out record profits for oil companies now, so let’s follow the history of this price runup just to pick a small piece of the puzzle. Without the Cold War, Covid, or Islamic terror, what are the leaches to do without these crises? Well how about placing missiles on the Russian border and doing airplane practice around there like when Jimmy Gladhart taunted me in junior high. There’s a lot of that junior high mentality infecting our rulers. Jimmy didn’t intend to profit from it but what about that militaristic grandstanding along the Russian border? Russia’s reaction was predictable considering the coup in Kiev, Putin’s eight years of warnings, and Kiev’s shelling of Russian loyalists in the Donbas.

Duke it out? Heck, we are all on the same side. There is not a single thing about high fuel prices that can’t be traced back to inept government bullying, whether it’s bullying Russia or bullying the fossil fuel industry. But still there’s those record profits. Might there be more to this story than meets the eye?

The whole purpose of this “Biden” vs “greed” thing is to have us fighting among ourselves. Yeah, the oil companies may be guilty of greed. Is the U.S.government simply a tool for the oil companies doing things that ultimately raise prices? Any attempt at increasing supply is thwarted by green posturing. “Gas tax holidays” lower prices enough to increase demand and ultimately raise prices.

Where greed comes in is where the oil companies watch everything fall into place politically to limit supply. Maybe the oil companies have influence promoting war like in their long history in the Middle East. But ultimately it is government doing the damage, not oil companies following a politically distorted market which is to blame for high gas prices.


We got an email from Senator Charles Grassley that was titled, “Helping Iowans Through Bidenflation.” Very cute.

This from a guy who voted to send $54 billion of fiat money to our offense contractors for the defense of Ukraine against Russia whose total defense budget is $56 billion (ours is $800 billion). Is it still a mystery who controls Congress? He goes on to say “Bidenflation” is a direct result of reckless spending coupled with disastrous energy policies.

Grassley is not speaking from a position of innocence here. He has supported all manner of so-called renewable energy subsidies that ultimately are “reckless spending.” The reason for a representative form of government is because the people need to be busy churning the wheels of productivity. We should be able to do this while our representatives do the research required to make laws. The trouble is that their research ignores their job description in the Constitution.

The reason Republicans never approach the real reason for inflation is because they have their own agenda to finance with fiat money. They just call it “reckless spending” if it’s by Democrats. By the way, higher corporate taxes would do the same thing as those costs are passed along to us as well.

Democrats are really the most “callous” (as a famous public radio DJ called me when I said George Floyd overdosed). They constantly puff out their chests about new programs to help the poor while those programs mostly reduce incentive and destroy productive social structure and are financed by the poor who they pretend to care about.

Maybe they don’t get it. It’s possible. We all have our specialties and that’s what enables civilization; each person excelling at their own interest. The people with the ethics and critical thinking skills are pushed out by the people who specialize in getting elected.

The Founders of our organization of individual states understood that. They wrote in the Constitution a list of the duties of the government along with a stipulation that this list was complete and anything else was left to “the states or the people.”

I asked Mr. Grassley why he thought the government does all these unconstitutional things and he said it happened incrementally through rulings of the court. What a collaboration! Congress breaks the rules so they can get reelected and the court changes the rules. Basically, partners in crime.

Turtle Story

There’s a YouTube channel called “Project Farm where a guy does testing of different products.

He tested 4 kinds of glue:

But the really neat thing is in the comments, which is often the case:

Tab Lature

3 years agoLong time J.B. Weld user, but still amazed by the results. One application it’s not suited for: muffler repair — or any continuous exposure to very high heat. Very suited for some rather unorthodox repairs: I used it to seal up a turtle’s shell that I apparently ran over with a bush hog and cracked it very severely, so that you could see his insides. By the time I found him, the flies had already blowed his innards, so I had to flush out the maggots with hydrogen peroxide. I always wondered if the repair worked to save his life, until I found him again over 3 years later, very much alive and kicking, J.B. Weld repair still intact. Needless to say, I named him J.B.

More comments:


3 years agoThis story made me quite happy. I’m always saving animals most people never give a thought about. Like nursing frogs back to health that had been injured by cats or caring for injured birds. It’s the little things in life that make life worth living. I’ll JB the next turtle I find! lol


Tab Lature

3 years ago @Gruntsworth  — Good to hear. If you think the story made you happy, imagine me finding him alive over 3 years later. Fortunately it was in an isolated hay field, well off the road so no one could see. But, I’m sure I looked the perfect fool, jumping up and down, whooping and hollering, and dancing all about, all while holding J.B.up in the air waving him around. LOL And to think, all it took was a little turtle to make me feel so happy. Your sentiments are spot on.