My friend John Prine

Well the guy died. But I’m sure there are plenty of folks around who never heard of him (and should). He’d had lung cancer. So, like a lot of other people we’ve lost lately, the fascist establishment politicians and media think they’ve got to mention Covid-19 in the press release to help validate the trampling of our liberty. Prine was interesting because he came from my “good ol’ days.” Freedom was a focus of the hippie era. Then, like magic that all disappeared. It was rewritten as freedom to take. it’s been a monstrous movement (yeah, a movement). Goodbye freedom hello Marxist confiscation as a benevolent act of government. And now that drones shield our kids from VC bullets or whatever the perceived boogeyman might be and pot is accepted partyware, movements are just movements.

Here’s a sorta leftist but ingenious song from Prine, and I will post one every-so-often to honor this friend who didn’t know me:

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