We Can’t Predict The Future

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Another shooting in a gun free zone. Well, I’ll be.

The only people equipped to stop the carnage were law enforcement, and they were hiding. Now the surviving students of the Florida school want these people to have exclusive control over “assault rifles.”

The deputies and resource officer who shirked their duty, obviously don’t represent all other law enforcement. What they do represent is the futile prospect that government can make this a perfect world.

Before we go on, let’s review the reason for laws. Laws are made in advance of any problem in order to have a place where opposing parties can agree on who prevails without the emotion of the moment creating an environment where a precedent is set that we might regret later.

Not to trivialize the shooting in Florida, but how small is the consciousness of these “do something” folks?

I remember going to a march against the Vietnam War on Market Street in San Francisco. The street was packed with 400,000 people as far as the eye could see. The only violent act I witnessed there was when a little old lady was crowded off of the sidewalk as the crowd grew. According to the Alameda County Sheriff Deputy who was bashing her over the head with a night-stick, she was jay-walking. Four hundred thousand people and the only violent one there worked for the government.

Over the past nine years there have been 156 mass shooting incidents. Only one of them was perpetrated by someone under 21 years of age and only one of them was committed with a gun purchased legally. How will the proposed new laws make enough impact to excuse the restriction on the rights of ordinary people?

There are around 55 million school children in the U.S. In the last 25 years there have been an average of 10 students killed by gunfire at school.

This whole thing is starting to look like The War On Terror. Isolated incidents made worse by government intervention are bad reasons for more government intervention.

If the airlines had been responsible for the safety of their passengers instead of the government, the 9/11 disaster, thus The War On Terror may have been avoided. If schools were private and parents could choose a school that allowed employees to stifle attacks, “just one life” could be saved.

Just think of the savings in lives and money if we were simply allowed to defend ourselves in any manner we see fit with the government intervening only when it is necessary to protect its citizens.

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