My Pravda is Google

In 2008 Dawn and I each voted for Ron Paul for president. In our township the auditor only counted one vote for Ron Paul. Therefore, only 50% of Ron Paul’s votes were counted. It is extremely difficult to know the truth these days if it isn’t in front of your eyes.

I’ve done some experimenting with different searches on Google and other, lesser known search engines. To say that a Google search is conclusive is just as ignorant as calling Pravda unbiased. Although Facebook is a different organization, Mark Zuckerberg admitted to Joe Rogan (who is an example of what journalism should be) that they followed orders from federal officials. We have a tremendous opportunity to know more because of the internet. But as Mark Twain said, “What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.”

But sometimes the words and actions of the accused don’t need fabrications by the accusers. Disputes of election results are common. Germany or Russia would not destroy a pipeline essential to their well being. Cui bono.

In 2014 Crimea voted to align with Russia instead of Ukraine. Crimeans supposedly were 95.7% in favor of being an ally of Russia rather than Ukraine. Ukraine had forced their language on the Russian-speaking population and blocked trade with that region which would have improved their infrastructure. By the way, they were not allied with Ukraine after the failure of the Soviet Union but an independent nation.

The Wall Street Journal reported the recent elections in the four eastern regions of Ukraine as “staged by the Kremlin.” But those Russian-speaking areas having been bombed by the Kyiv government to the tune of 13,000 deaths since the 2014 coup, might just have reason to secede, Would you not be angry if you elected a president and he were overthrown with the help of a foreign government?

Meanwhile in 2014, President Obama was pushing European nations to import more liquified natural gas to “distance itself” from Russia and its gas imports; a retaliation in response to the “annexation” of Crimea. Competition for Europe’s gas purchases is not a new thing.

Contrary to major media reporting, Europeans do not universally fear Russian aggression in spite of trumped up cries from their politicians fueled by a quest for new markets for western oil companies. In fact, European industry has thrived on cheap energy from Russia for years. Then another crony-capitalist venture, green energy, created new optimism for a cleaner environment with “sustainable energy” and a break from Russia. The technology was not yet up to the task so the break from Russia looked too expensive.

Germany and Russia were allies in the pipeline business. North American shale oil presented profit opportunities that would not pan out if Europe’s dependence on Russian gas continued. There’s the real reason President Biden said we would stop the Nordstream 2 pipeline “one way or another.”

A new and interesting alliance has formed. Both the neocons and the wokesters now espouse war before negotiation, arms sales, and gas sales. All of this before human life. There’s no discussion, just derision and censorship.

Peering around all the proclamations, accusations, and threats we should turn the sound off and look at the hapless Ukrainian people who are merely pawns in the games of dimwitted politicians. And that’s the truth.


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