Horse Paste

Wow! Why would anyone eat that?

A great way to not find out is to listen to that infinitely trustworthy alliance of pharmaceutical companies and our government (not so much different from the alliance of the so-called defense industry and our government). Horse paste, known to people with civil thoughts and inquisitive minds as ivermectin, has been shown to be beneficial as a prophylactic and treatment for covid-19 in at least 90 trials. This was coincidentally discovered to be the case in Africa where it is commonly used to treat parasites in some areas but not others.

Almost four billion doses of ivermectin have been administered in the last 40 years. The CDC recommends all refugees coming from the Middle East, Asia, North Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean receive this preemptive therapy. The WHO lists it as an “essential medicine.” Its safety is well documented.

The discoverers of ivermectin won a Nobel Prize (not that they keep good company there). Even after the long history of ivermectin’s use, covid vaccines’ VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Reporting System) reports have dwarfed those of ivermectin.

Now that a large percentage of new hospital admissions for covid are fully vaccinated, the drug companies wish to continue their gravy train with treatments instead. What better way to do this than with a preexisting medicine? Merck now has a government funded anti-viral whose safety has been tested on far less people than ivermectin. A five-day treatment costs $17.64 to produce. In June our government signed a contract to purchase 1.7 million treatments for $712 each. Merck, who is already one company who manufactures ivermectin, had the science at hand. A couple of tweaks to differentiate it from ivermectin would allow it to be patented and so it couldn’t be sold cheaply as a generic.

I’ve heard people say, “Trust the experts.” We trusted the experts on the supposed Tonkin Gulf attack. It cost us 58,000 U.S. soldiers and one million Vietnamese. We trusted the experts on weapons of mass destruction. It cost 900,000 people. We’ve trusted the experts on mitigation of climate change, poverty, drug abuse, and any number of claimed market failures. The waste created by these intrusions on our personal decisions is beyond comprehension.

The matter of human health is put on a pedestal that excuses violations of law and common decency. Get vaccinated so you won’t be a danger to others? Vaccinated people spread the virus. People who have had the virus are immune. A man made vaccine can’t possibly offer complete protection, in the same way a planned economy cannot outperform a free one.

I’ve heard some say how ridiculous it is to claim, “I’ve done the research.” Only a person with a title can think?

My research shows that scientists believe low vitamin D levels lead to vulnerability to sickness, yet we are told to stay inside. What about obesity, diabetes, low zinc, and low vitamins C and B1? Research the publicly available information to find what the experts say.

Healthcare providers are incentivized to label any sickness they can as covid in order to get a federal subsidy. This inflates statistics. I know someone whose records show they had covid, when they were never tested for it, simply because they lived with someone who tested positive.

The claim that we can’t do the research ourselves comes from those who accept the censorship and misinformation that perpetuates profits only available through our ignorance. Anyone can do research if information is not kept secret. Always question authority.

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