Another moronic story on Slate

Tucker is a voice seldom heard in mainstream news. And as is often the case for people who advocate theft, Dan Bailey can only call names and never come close to a serious discussion. When we are all approaching a bread-line economy we can blame morons like Dan Bailey and their undeserved power over the lives of the productive people in our world.

Then, in further investigation we find Dan has Griffons? the same dog breed our intelligent son favors. These dogs must be very tolerant to associate with Dan when they could hang out with Karl.

Dan Bailey confronts Tucker Carlson at a story in Livingston, Montana on July 23, 2021.

3 responses to “Another moronic story on Slate

  1. Yep. A story in search of a theme. Slow news day, apparently. Arguing against someone’s “feelings” is a fool’s errand.

  2. Follow-up —

    They are giving this ignorant fellow far greater attention than he deserves. Maybe that was his real motivation in initiating his berating of Tucker Carlson. Or, the writer was desperate for a topic on which to comment.

  3. I think it is both. Tucker is roundly hated for saying those things that shouldn’t be heard. Slate is the ultimate non-news news site. Once there was an article by a regular columnist who confessed that he abused LL Bean’s return policy to get free sneakers every year and claimed to be responsible for them tightening that.
    Also, I looked at Bailey’s instagram account and he is into the same breed of hunting dogs as Karl (my kid). They can be high dollar. A little notoriety can’t hurt.

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