Two explanations of why someone would refuse the vaccine

Both of them heard on Public radio. Well sorta.

First, a large demographic of those folks are “people of color.” If you listen much or at all to public radio then you know anyone who wouldn’t rob their own grandma to get the shot is an idiot. So… who’s the racist?

Second, another assumption by our betters at NPR, is that the motivation to steer clear of the vaccine is political. How else could someone be so stupid as to turn down ever lasting life and salvation. Or could it have a scientific basis?

One response to “Two explanations of why someone would refuse the vaccine

  1. Absurd, like most of today’s “reporting” by NPR. With a 99.77% survival rate, (same as seasonal flu, which is all this “deadly” contagion is — they merely reclassify flus, colds, and pneumonias as Covid) why would you need this injectable that is an experimental gene therapy mechanism? I refuse to be a guinea pig for the Bill Gates consortium of the WHO and pharmaceutical industry.

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