Father’s Day

Today is my dad’s birthday. He would be 97 but died in 2011.

We talked about our dads once. I was not in great contact with mine for a few years because of divorce, anti-war vs Republican ect. We became great pals later on. He about freaked out after we were at their place for Thanksgiving a few years ago. There was an article in Investors Business Daily promoting “Cash for Clunkers.” I wrote a scathing letter to the editor and they printed it. Ha. He was a radar interpreter on a B-29. He fire bombed Tokyo. He crash landed and the whole front half of the plane broke off, burning everyone aboard up there. The Radar guy was in the back. He never said a word until he was well into his eighties about the war. Except when I asked if he had war memorabilia he said when the boat sailed into San Pedro he tossed everything into the harbor. Thanks for the info on movies and all else. It’s a fun world, eh?

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