War on people. Covid is not the enemy…

Letter to Mason City Globe Gazette:


Dear Editor,

It is beginning to become more clear all the time who the enemy is. Is it Covid-19?


Congress has authorized $3.5 trillion in spending in the last 5 weeks. As a percentage of GDP (gross domestic product), this is what was spent in five years during and after the last recession.

For those of us who don’t believe money grows on trees, this points to our own government as the real villain in this crisis. Our representatives should be ashamed of their mistrust of the people who voted them into office and of their careless spending and fascistic control over our businesses. 

The lockdowns will make future waves of infection worse as the virus is not allowed to produce a societal resistance. Strict hygienic standards have been ignored because of a careless belief that government can solve every problem.  

The burden of all this debt will fall on those least able to afford it no matter how much our rulers claim the rich can fund every pipe dream that comes along. You’ll see.

Love, Fritz

One response to “War on people. Covid is not the enemy…

  1. The “representatives” who the people have voted-in don’t call the shots anymore. It’s the technocrats, the “experts” who are now the decision-makers for domestic policy, just as Israel governs our foreign relations policies. Trump isn’t “leading,” he’s simply echoing what his experts are telling him.

    It isn’t herd-immunity that the technocrats running the government are seeking, it is herd-obedience. And boy are they achieving that.

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