Government waste exposed

In the Wall Street Journal was a two page ad for They claim to be advocating the reduction of government waste. I read through the list of 100 wasteful projects and thought, “hey, what about the biggest waste of all?”

Thinking objectively can be a frustrating chore. There was no mention of the war on terror or the war on drugs. It reminded me of when I confronted Star Parker on the phone (yes, amazing as it seems she accepted my call). She had written about the lack of a good candidate for president and I suggested Ron Paul as a candidate who read and understood and abided by the Constitution. She absolutely blew up, yelling at me about how he doesn’t support Israel. I even hung up on her (a celebrity) because she just wouldn’t shut up. What a passionate woman.

Citizens Against Government Waste also rated Ron poorly; I assume because of his peaceful side. When You’ve delivered 4,000 babies and seen the pain and emotion involved, I imagine wasting that life later for profits or personal aggrandizement could be distasteful.

Anyway, the list Open the Books has put together is quite entertaining and can be found here:

Maybe biggest fraudulent conservative organization?

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