Happy Birthday Anita o’Day

I turned on NPR yesterday partly to know the enemy. Well, it’s also so I can hear more than one sentence on a subject. Anita O’Day was being interviewed on her 100th birthday (she died in 2006, however). Terry Gross does a great job as long as you know from where she comes. Example:

Out of all the history surrounding her,  Gross had to bring up O’Day’s collaboration with Roy Eldridge and how it must have created controversy  because he was black. I suppose Anita would have simply been a waitress at the organic vegan bistro if she hadn’t dared play music with a black man. Who are the real racists, Terry? Maybe it’s the people who talk about race all the time. Could you just address individuals as such instead of searching for and inspiring hate?

Anita O’Day was an incredible talent and individual who stood out from the crowd. Imperfect and a model citizen because of that. I’m sure I’ve posted this video before (at least with the Jazz on a Summer’s Day movie), but it’s worth a relook.

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