Letter to Farm News

Dear Editor,
This is truly amazing. Here we are so fortunate as to live in Iowa with the richest farmland in the world and a “renewable” energy company wants to cover it with solar panels (page one, March 11 Farm News).
We are handed the most efficient solar collector, vegetation, and we cover it with plastic panels.
How about we do away with every single government mandate and handout, leaving all that money in the hands of people who earned it themselves through voluntary free exchange? We could make it illegal to force anyone to hand over their hard earned money to shysters and charlatans.
The results would be a world where waste is minimized because every cost is more carefully considered by people investing their own money instead of plunder from taxpayers.
When the time comes that investing in these technologies makes sense, there will be no shortage of willing investors. Politicians can’t predict the future better than productive citizens. They are just more reckless because it is not their money.
Love, Fritz

2 responses to “Letter to Farm News

  1. Trace the campaign contributions from the solar power industry to specific candidates, and then stop voting for those candidates (like that will really help — NOT!) Better yet, why bother voting at all? The 4th Estate no longer covers our backs, so the real “follow the money” investigations in elections are just a facade.

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