Equal protection

I’ve been thinking about Washington and Colorado lately and how they are not getting their money’s worth. The people there pay federal income tax and yet the feds won’t enforce the federal marijuana laws (but they do in the other 48 states). Should they get a refund?

And Washington State soon may need federal help of another kind. Their asset forfeture programs have yielded very little since the cops aren’t baby sitting as much of the population.  My dad sent Hans a clipping from the Wall Street Journal Of an article about Wynton Marsalis’ trumpet. On the back was a list of loot the feds stole from criminals. Hmm. I wonder who the real criminals were? They don’t publish that anymore. I wrote and asked why. No reply.

Fatal injections are not working in Oklahoma. So they had to postpone the next execution. Can this really be happening? There is no other way to kill these guys? If the blood-thirsty self righteous punks that have it in for these criminals can’t wait for a background check, can’t they find somebody else who can legally shoot a gun. Get er done you murderers. Don’t sanitize it. Be the real you. It is like the rules of war. Bullets are OK but gas is not? If the situation is serious enough to snuff out humans why quibble on the details.

My guess is your heart’s not in it. My guess is you are a coward and it’s OK if someone else does the deed, but not if it’s you. I think all this killing isn’t worth it. It doesn’t produce the intended results.  

6 responses to “Equal protection

  1. Let’s see . . . people convicted of capital punishment crimes and incarcerated on death row are now victims?? I say, bring-on the guillotine! As a death-inflicting device, the guillotine is fast, merciful and, I suspect because I don’t really know, painless. Of course the discussion would then segue into which manufacturer provides the truly sharpest blade.

    And . . . pray tell, what are the “intended results” of capital crime executions? An example so other like-minded miscreants will be deterred? Not in my view. It is to keep society safe from these wrongdoing low-life blackguards and to save the taxpayer from the futile expense of housing them in prisons for decades.

  2. Yeah, good idea. I think anyone can own a guillotine. But I was trying to point out the ridiculous notion we must be humane while killing somebody. Or conducting a humane war. They both show there is a doubt it is the right thing to do.

    I don’t favor capital punishment because then we are doing what we are punishing someone else for doing. I like consistency. And the deterent argument is not conclusive. However, I do have some ideas for the sentence of life in prison.

    Men and women should be sterilized and housed together, sorta like the greenies are demanding for sows. The facilities could be modeled after CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations). The amino acid balance required of humans is about the same as for pigs. Bulk feed bins could be loaded by semi. Stainless steel feeders are nearly indestructable. To put someone in there you’d have to be good and sure he’s guilty. Sorta like going to war.

    The cost would still be higher than a bullet or a guillotine. But if you have to compare capital punishment with all its appeals and secure housing to a maximum security prison with TV, weight rooms, libraries and counselors we could just get back to basics.

    Another argument might be whether imprisoning someone like that is any more moral than killing them. There are a lot of grey areas but I pick the boundary between life or death as a defined place.

    The sharpest blade would be furnished by whoever contributed the most to the winners of the last election. Unless we privatize the justice system. Ha! Now there’s a thought.

    • “But I was trying to point out the ridiculous notion we must be humane while killing somebody.” Oh . . . humane, I see . . . maybe like one of our drone attacks? We could dress the men in an Arab thawb (aka, dishdasha, dishdāshah, kandura or suriyah) and the women in a burka or hijab, stand them out in a desert field of sand and fire away with drones. Good practice!

      Your suggestion of housing sterilized men and women together is a good start. See the film “Soylent Green” for a suggested finish. No more world hunger!

    • One other comment. You don’t like capital punishment because “we are doing what we are are punishing someone else for doing.” In the case of Oklahoma’s Clayton Lockett, I don’t think so. What about the victim? In this case, Clayton Lockett broke into a young 19-year-old lady’s home, beat her, gagged and taped her mouth shut, bound her with duct tape, shot her, and then buried her alive to die alone under a mound of dirt. No, Oklahoma didn’t treat, or punish, Clayton Lockett in the same manner in which he abused his victim. The media outcry never seems to mention the abhorrent and painful deaths of the victims of despicable cockroaches like Clayton Lockett. Every situation should first consider the victim before we get all worked-up about a deviant, murdering degenerate like this guy in Oklahoma.

      Also, Clayton Lockett was administered an array of drugs and 43-minutes later was pronounced dead. Come on, Fritz, celebrities die that way all the time, so why is it such a big deal??

  3. I’m not all worked up. Just don’t approve of killing people. I might feel different if the victim was close. I was talking to Jan Mickelson about this and he said Mosaic Law required the victim’s family ect. to pull the trigger. That suits me.
    Jan is a talk show host in Des Moines.

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