It’s the Truth, It’s Natural, But Is It Satisfactual?

There still appears to be sporadic push-back on the fiction as fact movements. Gender diaspora is the most obvious… Bud Light? I have a friend who is pretty upset about Dylan Mulvaney pretending to be a woman. So what? In a way if a guy wants to act like a girl the only time it should be an issue is if he wants to be where girls expect an exclusively female space, like locker rooms, bathrooms, or in sports where male bodies have an advantage.

Transgender people have a natural right to do whatever they want as long as another’s rights are not violated. I find it odd that church-going Christians can come down on this guy when a major theme of Jesus’ life was peace through loving others as ourselves.

On the other hand, a man calling himself a woman is simply a lie. If we look at the net effect of all these people, including so-called conservatives, calling this guy “she” is an acceptance of lies as truth. Mulvaney now wants people who call him a man arrested.

I happened to see an old friend last night who had shared a ProPublica article stating that The South would soon be so hot as to be uninhabitable. Well. As far back as I can remember none of these dire predictions have come true. Yet Doug Casey has run the numbers. So far, world wide, $5 trillion have been devoted to humans attempting to control of climate. If you go with the common fairy-tale that waste like that has no impact on our daily lives, you must be happy.

On to Target in San Francisco. Much of their merchandise is locked up waiting for an employee to access it for customers. Shoplifting has gone mainstream. People are being convinced more and more that their unfulfilled desires are the fault of someone else. That leads to excused dishonesty. Four out of the eight Walmarts in Chicago are closing. They’ve been losing millions of dollars per year. Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the closings will, “create barriers to basic needs for thousands.”

Thousands have been convinced they are oppressed and deserve compensation from “big corporations,” a typical Marxist theme. Will the hoards of thieves fan out from the South and West Sides to decimate retailers in the suburbs? At what point will equity be realized and peace be restored?

On to Portland. REI has closed its outdoorsy store there. I remember going to the original REI (Recreational Equipment Incorporated) in Seattle as a youngster. It was in a remodeled warehouse; very frugal and selling practical gear to assist people to weather the outdoors. It’s fitting that they close the Portland store as many hipsters have adopted the Marxist meme and abandoned the meaning of the word “private”. As a reminder; “yours” and “mine” are two separate things.

A young man has been arrested for “leaking” government documents. A lack of truth can be a lack of information. Judge Andrew Napolitano revealed that those documents show Ukrainian casualties are running seven times greater than those of Russian invaders. How many people believe Ukraine is fighting a successful campaign against Russia? If this is the kind of secret our government is hiding from us, we have a serious problem with runaway government.

Our government’s abandonment of the “yours” and “mine” definitions have a scorecard. Our tax dollars that were once “mine” have now been used to kill 350,000 people in Ukraine. Respect for the truth would have that score at zero.


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