Chocolate Milk ban

Federal school lunch programs will cease to have chocolate milk. Sugar is the culprit. I remember it as a highlight of my school day as the classes and regimentation mostly made me want to do something fun and educational instead.

Another way to look at the ban would be the damage the free lunch program has done to our country, encouraging students to believe there is a free lunch (Hello Dr. Friedman). Now, a wide swath of them graduate and wait for free stuff, whether it comes from ethanol mandates or WIC.

Free stuff is never a temporary fix. The lasting effects are crippling our country. It’s not the sugar.


One response to “Chocolate Milk ban

  1. Government has no business, in the first place, of providing taxpayer funded meals in the public schools. As we see, it is just a door-opener for government to involve itself in what people can and cannot eat,  just another diktat that’s all about control of the population. That control is becomig wider and deeper as each day goes by and without any attempt by government of subtlety. Governmen is in our homes today with the array of controls like gas stoves, plumbing (flow restricters), dish washers, and a myriad of rules and regulations preventing you from doing something that should be up to the private properrty owner to decide. We get what we tolerate and the countless directives and ordinances that keep one tethered to the government teat is the outcome.

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