He Still Made a Boogeyman of China Though

This is about Tucker Carlson. An acquaintance told me, when I suggested she watch an interview he did with Kyle Rittenhouse, that he was simply an entertainer like those on CNN and MSNBC.

He is now gone from Fox News but still under contract, which helps muzzle him regarding his relationship with the network. Tucker was certainly the goose who laid the golden egg for Fox. No other personality came close to his viewership, with 3.5 million viewers per night; one million more in each time slot before and after his show. One has to wonder why the Murdochs would gore the goose.

Let’s go back to February when Blackrock, the embodiment of woke megabusiness, bought 15% of Fox. Blackrock and Vanguard have long been trying to shape the economy to support anti-market unsustainable industries. For some reason those who the market blesses find flaws and try to subvert it. Could these funds have put their ideals ahead of the survival of Fox?

Five days before Carlson and Fox “parted ways” Tucker said, “Ask yourself, is any news organization you know so corrupt that it’s willing to hurt you on behalf of its biggest advertisers?”

The numbers speak to this question.

Vanguard and Blackrock own less than $750 million of Fox. That seems like a lot. But they have about $225 billion invested in pharmaceutical companies. The investments in Big Pharma amounted to 300 times the funds’ investments in Fox. Fox is expendable when compared to the losses the pharmaceutical industry would suffer if the facts ceased to be ignored about efficacy and safety of the taxpayer-purchased vaccines.

In 2020, Pfizer spent $12 billion on sales and marketing and $9 billion on research and development. Johnson & Johnson spent $22 billion on sales and $12 billion on R&D. Their focus was obviously on sticking it to the people over finding solutions to sickness.

Before I grew tired of editors telling me what I could write, one of them called Ukraine an ally of the United States. He said I was “unpatriotic” for questioning the wisdom of staying involved in their war. He probably thought Tucker Carlson was an entertainer and preferred his news from “real journalists,” that is, the ones who only read government press releases.

It’s amazing to think that the billions thrown away at Ukrainian corruption are dwarfed by the drug company profits. But it’s still real money. Anecdotally there are just as many “COVID cases” today as there was last year but apparently people are simply sick of anti-social diktat and don’t see any benefit from them.

At any rate, the defense (hahaha) industry and drug companies withholding advertising money was not enough to make a few enthusiastic real patriots skeptical of government policies. Fortunately for these companies most people have thrown up their hands and prefer to simply enjoy life as the republic dissolves and the middle class sinks. Our grandchildren will see these Central American immigrants as brothers in a common mess but we will have enjoyed life.

Tucker will not go away, neither will the apathy. Sophie Scholl didn’t stop the Nazis either.


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