Letter on tucker Carlson to Wall Street Journal

Dear Editor,

In “Carlson Is Out at Fox News After Dominion Disclosures” (April 25 Journal) the punchline comes near the end of the story where it states that Democrats and Republicans criticized Carlson for airing previously unaired footage of the January 6 “attack on the U.S. Capital.”

With other journalists turning up dead or in exile as well, it’s looking like the sort of government my father warned me about in the Cold War days is here. In a free country, citizens are allowed to sift through as much information as possible. We shouldn’t have that job done for us.

It’s unfortunate that Mr. Carlson made disparaging remarks about fellow Fox employees that led to his departure because he was a rare voice for skepticism of the status quo that is sorely needed today.

Fritz Groszkruger


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