The World’s Reserve Currency

When we own something that is becoming less valuable like spoiled food, we give it to the dog and eat good food instead.

As mentioned before, rareness is what creates value. We have a cardinal who pecks on our windows and sits on door handles to look in at us. We call him Redd. It would be a real tragedy if Redd was harmed. I’m not sure if he is the same one, but a few years ago we had one like this. He had a wife who was in the junipers making warning sounds and I found that there was a cat near her. That was the last we saw of Redd and his wife until this past winter after we were without cats for a year or so. Redd as cat food would be sadder compared to a sparrow in the same role.

The U.S. dollar is now the sparrow of currencies. There are lots of them.

The $4.8 trillion President Biden has borrowed for us pales in comparison to the $7.5 trillion in debt left us by former President Trump. Some of you out there might want to get off your Trumpian high horse. Senator Charles Grassley pointed out to me that all this unconstitutional government power was approved by the courts over the years. The courts using case law have incrementally destroyed any limits the Constitution put on government power. It’s like the telephone game. Each piece of legislation that stretches constitutional limits paves the way to further lawlessness.

On the world stage, the destruction of the dollar has led to our once trusted money, being shunned and replaced with Chinese yuan.

As we’ve seen a meteoric rise in stock prices through recent years, some are coming to realize those stock valuations are relative to the weak dollars used to purchase them; not strong companies. Improving economic conditions as measured by expensive stocks are an illusion; an illusion created to bolster popularity of incumbent politicians. Trump’s claims of a strong economy were based on a flood of cheap dollars.

We have to recognize the upside of the degraded dollar. To U.S. politicians, diplomacy has been threats and bullying based on sanctions through our dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Without that power at their disposal those politicians will have to negotiate in a friendly manner looking for mutual benefits for all parties rather than pushing other countries around. Honest money may ensure peace.

On the negative side, China will take a cue from past U.S. relations and push us around instead. U.S. politicians will call China naughty and pass laws to act as band aids in response. Either way, inflation has destroyed the savings of countless retirees and put an improved lifestyle out of the reach of many middle class families. There are huge reasons why we are warned about the dangers of debt in the Bible.

Thanks to shyster politicians buying votes from gullible and ignorant voters, we will be answering to China. It won’t take an invasion. Our huge military is helpless to stop it, and its gargantuan budget is part of the problem.


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