Wall Street Journal gun control letter

Dear Editor,

In his letter (April 4 Journal, A Problem Too Deep for Gun Control to Solve) David Gellatly laments our lack of a solution to the violence plaguing our land.

If we look at the dates he cites, late 1960s and ’70s, correlation might not equal causation, but who can deny that the biggest removal of personal responsibility in this country happened about this time.

Various regulations on society and the workplace made one on one diplomacy extinct. The welfare state turned fathers into sperm donors. Generally, relations between individuals were filtered through officials before any conversation even started. Add that to the fact that our government maintains a simpleton good guy / bad guy attitude toward most countries in the world backed up with threats of violence.

These sickos learn from example with little family structure to temper their rage.

Fritz Groszkruger

1820 Warbler Ave.

Dumont, IA 50625



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