Letter to Bill Maher

Hi Bill,

I heard a commentary of yours where you decried a divided country. You mentioned Greene and Boebert.

Louis Brandeis pointed out how a nation of individual states can have one state trying one thing without bringing down the whole country while trying that “experiment.” In that sense a divided country is more efficient and more frugal.

Whenever I hear that “uniting” spiel it involves the other side seeing it your way, not the other way around.

Sometimes you seem so disingenuous. I think you know better but aim to keep your leftist audience.

Fritz Groszkruger  


One response to “Letter to Bill Maher

  1. Oh, really? Maher decries a divided country? Is he kidding? His lefty democrats have created so many factions within the population that any sort of coming together in common cause, even in some sort of harmony, is an impossibility. In other words, divisions within the country are rampant and increasing every day. But that’s the idea — chaos, Keep all the factions at each others’ throats and no one is paying attention to what the country’s rulers are doing.

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