Joni Ernst, a great leader.

I just wish she would emigrate to the Congo or some other place where human life is just a machete swing away. She is among 16 “bi-partisan” senators who are urging the Whitehouse to give Ukraine armed drones that take 27 days of training to be proficient at operating. Well, that gives her donors 27 days of profits, at least.

If this was a true democracy I would lead a campaign to appoint her to go with the drones, fund them herself and stay in Ukraine, since the freedom fighters there (who shut down media, ban newspapers, and ban opposition political parties) are her true constituents. She’s leading the wrong people here.


One response to “Joni Ernst, a great leader.

  1. She was, like so many others of her ilk, a likley recipient of the FTX Democrat money laundering scheme. From crypto purchaser, to FTX, to Ukraine launderers, and back to Democrat politicians in campaign donations. Republicans are much too naive to even think of such a startegy, let alone knaow how to curtail such antics — the stupid party, except for lone, self-enriching wolves like Ernst.

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