WSJ Liz Truss Letter

BTW, I couldn’t find the article in the on-line version.

Dear Editor,

“Truss’s Libertarian Dream Manifested as a Nightmare,” (Oct. 22-23 Journal) helped shed some light on how Liz Truss’s reforms produced such disastrous results.But we have to actually read the article.

The tax cuts and deregulation would be, “… paid for not with spending cuts, but with debt.” To bury such crucial information in the ending of the article borders on dishonesty and a false accusation of failure of limited government, or libertarianism.


One response to “WSJ Liz Truss Letter

  1. I don’t see how any of Truss’ “reforms” could have resulted in any outcome, let alone a “disastrous result,” as she occupied the office for a mere 44 days and none of her proposed policies had been actually enacted. While I do not agree with her neocon persuasions and cheerleading of the West in Ukraine, I think she was a victim of a leftist, government-controlled propagandist and typical British caustic media, and a citizenry too inept to see through the propaganda and a sardonic media — sort of like the USA.

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