Election Day


3 responses to “Election Day

  1. A good, informational show as to who killed JFK as well as the corruption, filandering, and scheming by LBJ, view the JFK/LBJ series ob “America’s Untold Stories” on YouTube by Eric Hunley and Marc Groubert.

  2. America’s Untold Stories (on YouTube) are always informative. Marc Groubert is a walking history book. The segment on Charles Lindbergh is quite instructive. Lindbergh was a staunch eugenicist and admired Hitler. Following the kidnapping, Lindbergh went to Germany with his wife, married three more German women, and fathered from seven to 13 additional children. He recieve a medal from Hitler that was pinned on him by Hermann Goering. Some question remains as to involvement of Charles in son’s kidnapping. Son had ricketts and a brain disorder which was not what a eugenicist like Charles would want displayed to the public — conjecvture only. Kidnapping recreation is also interesting.

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