Letter about a letter in the War Street Journal on Gay Marriage

Dear Editor,

Douglas Taylor-Weiss makes a good point regarding the fundamental freedom of marriage and its link to orderly procreation but doesn’t quite get to the most important one. (Gay-Marriage Conservatism letter, July 29)

The so-called right to gay marriage is really a ticket to violate the rights of others such as to not bake a cake or restrict entrance into private property.

There should be no place in law to allow enslavement, which is basically what happens in all these trendy new “rights” laws.

What if the partners in a marriage simply wrote and signed a contract, leaving the rest of us alone to enjoy our lives?

Fritz Groszkruger

Here is the letter:

In “Congress Should Codify Same-Sex Marriage” (op-ed, July 26), Theodore Olson and Kenneth Mehlman write, “Marriage is a fundamental freedom deeply rooted in the history and traditions of our country.” Well, yes, but that is only because marriage has been the union of male and female from which all human history comes to life. Same-sex unions omit the fundament that makes marriage fundamental. This house is built on sand.

Douglas Taylor-Weiss

One response to “Letter about a letter in the War Street Journal on Gay Marriage

  1. Very excellent point! A simple “partner contract” would not carry the same verisimilitude or aspect of “the law” as that of a “right.” Contract law is another whole area of expertise and judicial actions/precedence versus violations of Constitutional “rights.” That’s why you are so correct that labeling this idiotic and perverted action as a “right” simply serves as a door-opener, or “ticket,” to violate the legitimate rights of others, and we see this outcome almost everyday in one judicial proceeding after another.

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