Letter to Farm News on the biggest stupid idea to come along in a while

Dear Editor,

In David Kruse’s article “Clearing some foul air about CO2 pipelines”(July 22 Farm News), he declares CO2 pipelines to have a “public good.” His reasoning is that ethanol and fertilizer plants have to meet “demanding CO2 emission standards.”

This line of thinking sets a precedent where any so-called authority can impose rules favoring their pals and legally force anyone to do anything.

Just because the link is repeated billions of times doesn’t mean CO2 emissions are going to change the course of nature. The earth warms and cools on a scale much bigger than Mr. Kruse’s car or any other energy source could significantly change.

These standards he talks about, whether in good faith as being helpful or as a grand scheme to fleece ordinary Americans, are obviously wild guesses and not legitimate reasons to ruin wonderful farmland and trample property rights.

The fact that such bogus reasons have any sway at all is a sad indicator that Americans either have given up on defending themselves and they just don’t care and want to live their lives in peace and leave this country to our children in a shambles. Or, the media is now unapologetically doing the bidding of shysters and the public is proving itself to be too shallow-minded to question and resist.

Fritz Groszkruger


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