Pre Martin Luther

Martin Luther tried to reform a corrupt Catholic Church. One of the main features of the Catholic Church before he came along was that you could tattle on your neighbor and the priests could then confiscate your property, whether you were found legitimately guilty or not of whatever transgression, and give it to your accuser.

Here in Iowa we have flag-waving war-monger, Joni Ernst installed by the Republican Party to represent us in the US Senate. While the overthrow of Roe v Wade was big in the news yesterday, to me, Ernst’s vote against the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution was an even bigger issue because any literate person could already see that abortion is a state, rather than federal issue.

Really! I could call up the ATF and say so and so down the road seems a bit agitated and he has guns and they could legally go to his house and steal his guns.

Ernst should sponsor a literacy program and enroll herself.

The flag she’s waving should be that of the German Democratic Republic.


One response to “Pre Martin Luther

  1. Joni Ernst ā€” One among a clique of too many self-serving “representatives” in the Senate ā€” who knows what orgs or individuals are fattening these politico’s pocketbooks?

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