We got an email from Senator Charles Grassley that was titled, “Helping Iowans Through Bidenflation.” Very cute.

This from a guy who voted to send $54 billion of fiat money to our offense contractors for the defense of Ukraine against Russia whose total defense budget is $56 billion (ours is $800 billion). Is it still a mystery who controls Congress? He goes on to say “Bidenflation” is a direct result of reckless spending coupled with disastrous energy policies.

Grassley is not speaking from a position of innocence here. He has supported all manner of so-called renewable energy subsidies that ultimately are “reckless spending.” The reason for a representative form of government is because the people need to be busy churning the wheels of productivity. We should be able to do this while our representatives do the research required to make laws. The trouble is that their research ignores their job description in the Constitution.

The reason Republicans never approach the real reason for inflation is because they have their own agenda to finance with fiat money. They just call it “reckless spending” if it’s by Democrats. By the way, higher corporate taxes would do the same thing as those costs are passed along to us as well.

Democrats are really the most “callous” (as a famous public radio DJ called me when I said George Floyd overdosed). They constantly puff out their chests about new programs to help the poor while those programs mostly reduce incentive and destroy productive social structure and are financed by the poor who they pretend to care about.

Maybe they don’t get it. It’s possible. We all have our specialties and that’s what enables civilization; each person excelling at their own interest. The people with the ethics and critical thinking skills are pushed out by the people who specialize in getting elected.

The Founders of our organization of individual states understood that. They wrote in the Constitution a list of the duties of the government along with a stipulation that this list was complete and anything else was left to “the states or the people.”

I asked Mr. Grassley why he thought the government does all these unconstitutional things and he said it happened incrementally through rulings of the court. What a collaboration! Congress breaks the rules so they can get reelected and the court changes the rules. Basically, partners in crime.

One response to “Grassleyflation

  1. Well, welcome back, Fritz’s calf. Glad to see you are once again able to write.

    Mr. Grassley is just one among all successful politicians (“successful” at attaining office, that is) who are endowed with an inherent, high degree of hypocrisy — and he likely doesn’t even realize how his hypocrisy shines through.

    Yes, the nation’s Founders intended to establish a “representative” form of government, representative of the collective peoples. Unfortunately, that intent has morphed into a political donor representational government. Today, the people aren’t in the wildest stretch of imagination represented at the federal, even at the state, level of government by those they elect. The “intent” has thus long ago been rendered just a fond memory among those over the age of 55.

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