4 responses to “Zappa

  1. The first record I ever bought was Zappa’s (The Mothers of Invention) second one. I came home from school and my mom met me with the album in her hand. “What is this?!”
    He’s been a big influence in my life. Great composer and guitarist. He testified against Tipper Gore’s attempt at rating (censoring) records.
    One time Karl had a school buddy over and I came out to where they were sitting around a camp fire in the back yard. They were singing Call Any Vegetable.
    Zappa died young from prostate cancer. He predicted all this crap and would be called a heretic today by the idiots who now call themselves hip.
    I was lucky to see The Mothers at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1969. His band and James Brown’s band were like Swiss watches in precision. Amazing!

  2. Yepper.
    I don’t condemn religious people. They are my neighbors and friends.
    Zappa didn’t like the scammers. Although I agree that even in small churches there is lots of hypocrisy, I’m not gonna live like a grouchy old hermit. They only hurt themselves if they support a building and mythical ideas.
    It is good having Democrats in power waging war again. If Republicans were in power the Democrats would be pacifists. I’m saying evangelicals have traditionally talked up war. Now, a lot of them are silent.

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