Tirelessly working for socialism

I now receive weekly updates from lifelong farmer, Chuck Grassley. Today’s show 2 out of 3 points bragging about increasing socialism and obviously ignoring his sworn oath to uphold the Constitution. Now. I am getting Social Security checks and even looking into a subsidized solar energy system for our house. So am I to blame for the creeping socialism destroying our nation? Like everyone I am dependent and to survive outside a hole in the ground, I’ve taken my farm subsidies. Bob Dorr jumped all over me as a hypocrite for doing so. He laid off when I explained that we wouldn’t be farming long if handicapped with being the only farmers without that advantage. Makes me feel like I’m living in 19th century Mississippi. The thing is, I didn’t take an oath.

The Child Care and Development Block Grant has worked as a bipartisan solution for decades, providing families with flexible child care options – including in rural areas. My bill will expand eligibility for CCDBG while keeping costs low for hardworking families.


As a lifelong family farmer, I’m proud to serve as the voice for Rural America and farm families in the United States Senate. Farmers and producers across Iowa work tirelessly to feed and fuel the country and it’s always a privilege to recognize their hard work during National Agriculture Week.


I joined my colleagues in pushing the U.S. Treasury Department for more timely updates on Social Security and Medicare trust fund reports to protect these vital programs for seniors and generations to come.”

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