Free Trade and Respect Could Have Preserved Peace

The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 immediately came to mind when Russia began threatening Ukraine. As money-pit NATO expanded eastward to “protect” the West, Putin viewed it as a threat to Russia. A U.S. spy plane caught images of Soviet missiles being assembled in Cuba. President Kennedy viewed that as a threat. Much of the Russian population is within range of NATO’s missiles. Kennedy withdrew missiles from Turkey that were aimed at the Soviet Union and the crisis was averted.

Throughout history politicians have treated us like wallets and chess pieces . As I write this, oil is approaching $130 per barrel. Nickel, a key component in stainless steel and electric vehicle batteries is up 400% in March. In July of 2020 oil was negative $37 as nobody was traveling and production overcame storage capacity. The country who was shut down by the government forcing oil to -$37 now urges Ukraine to fight for freedom.

Senator Grassley bragged to me in a letter that “we” have sent Ukraine an additional $2.5 billion in military “aid” since 2014. That was the year that U.S. and British “intelligence” agencies orchestrated a coup in Ukraine when the election went the way of the Russian speaking people in eastern Ukraine. He also bragged about stopping the Nord Stream 2 pipeline which could have relieved the energy crunch crippling European industry. That pipeline could have assured a mutual benefit and peace.

President Biden stopped the Keystone XL pipeline and various other projects that could offer Americans inexpensive energy. Politicians just love to show their love by stopping pipelines and dabbling in the affairs of other countries.

Western Ukraine supported Hitler in World War II. Eastern Ukraine supported the Soviets. To call Ukraine one united country would make the people in the East marvel at your ignorance. They have been under attack by the EU-aligned West for eight years.

The military industrial complex has fulfilled Dwight D. Eisenhower’s prophecy beyond his wildest nightmare. Joe Biden just allocated $13.6 billion more to that legacy and we will still see Volodymyr Zelensky fall anyway. The crisis will not go to waste as government officials toss the Constitution they swore to uphold into the trash in order to feather the nests of their donors.

No, it isn’t quite so simple as Putin raising gas prices. We were doing pretty darn well distancing ourselves from the criminal Saudis who our government still protects from the truth about 9/11. Joe Biden called them and President Maduro of Venezuela to beg them to turn up their oil spigots. Neither one would answer the phone.

In this emotion-filled atmosphere 93% say we should not buy any Russian oil. But when those inevitable lines are crossed where we walk instead of drive, that will change. Teaming up with this assault on the American people is Climate Action 100+. Climate Action 100+ is comprised of hundreds of big banks and money managers who manage $60 trillion. They manipulate boards of directors. Proposals that don’t go along with their goals and anyone who dares challenge their agenda will be defunded.

The result is that it is nearly impossible to get financing for fossil fuel development. On its surface, a world of stable climate and pristine air is a no-brainer. Unfortunately the technology doesn’t exist to even remotely maintain the lifestyles to which Americans are accustomed. And to actually make a difference in the goals of Climate Action+ we would have to invade India and China.

The bizarre thinking that maintained NATO after we won the Cold War, eliminating fossil fuels with no plan for the future, and a National League with a designated hitter all fall into the same category: Nuts.

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