Woking Up

Ever since the Salvation Army saved my life in 1975, I’ve sent a check to them yearly. Then several years ago I saw Larry bell-ringing at Fareway. I volunteered to help. I’ve witnessed shy migrants who later became assimilated enough to grin while teaching their kids to put money in the kettle. Others who obviously could use a little help themselves, stuffed bills in the kettle as well.

I tell a short version of my story to whomever will stop and listen. One damp and cold logger with nowhere to go, fed and sheltered by people like you.

Then one night this November I received an email with a link to a Newsweek article about the new “Let’s Talk About Race” program for volunteers and donors to the Salvation Army. They wanted me to apologize for being white. Seriously.

In the comments section of the Newsweek article online, donors lined up to declare they would never donate again after years of dedicated support. They had been sending monthly checks. Wealthy conservatives were rightfully offended at being branded racists. I was too. And in this era where being offended is as commonplace as eating, I’m actually embarrassed to say I was as well. But who are these people who claim to know me, but don’t?

Look at the most destructive movements all through the past. They are all built on disavowing the existence of individuals. All this in a drive for a noble cause.

But if you look at the progress of civilization every product or service ultimately has been produced by individuals, not masses of people called “white” or “Republican” or “African-American.” Thomas Edison and George Washington Carver were individuals, not blobs of ethnicities.

If I mention examples of mass movements that have wrought misery over the centuries, then people who have other things to do than study details will jump to conclusions. So you pick a disastrous period in history yourself and make up your own mind.

Was the Salvation Army right in declaring each of us only a molecule in a mass of humanity? Or do you treat others as equals deserving respect in the same way you expect it? Should our individuality be sacrificed or violated for a “common good” deemed important by some distant elite?

The Salvation Army’s press release retracting their racist accusations seemed worded to only retain volunteers and donors, not as a repudiation of an evil philosophy.

Nationwide, donations are reported to be down considerably. I doubt that is entirely because of this woke controversy, even though the biggest donors are the targets of this slander. On one hand, people recognize that there are more people hurting as real wages have not kept pace with living costs. Donations from those who can afford it have undoubtedly increased. But most people have seen virtual pay cuts as the federal government has flooded the economy with new dollars.

I have faith that the dollars we give today will be used in a fair and efficient manner, not only helping, but also producing the gratitude that is a basis for a civilized society. But this takeover by a delusional hierarchy will shift money away from one of the most legendary charities and eventually put more of a burden on government services. Anyone who sees that as a move in the right direction should contact me directly to talk about it. (641)-425-4929

Here We Go Again

Pearl Harbor Day has come and gone. The remembrances are a little more subdued each year. Go back to November 11, 1918. A celebration has even been canceled. Armistice Day, a celebration of the end, that’s right the end, of World War I was magically turned into Veterans Day. The military-industrial complex hates to celebrate the end of a war.

Jump ahead to today. The world economy is on life support. Government spending is a larger portion of peoples’ income than ever before. And it is being printed or borrowed. That means after all of our nurturing and guidance and love, our children will be handed the bill for our lavish lifestyles. But inflation is in the news. More and more people are being shocked at the check-out counter. Some will believe retailers are gouging their customers. But the truth is the government is destroying our money’s value in order to create an illusion of prosperity. Real wages, that is wages measured by purchasing power, have declined every month since January. We are starting to notice.

The solution is, of course, a war. Russia is massing soldiers on the Ukrainian border. Germany is colluding with the Russians to bring natural gas to their green paradise of windmills and solar panels. The Nord Stream 2 pipeline will help alleviate bizarrely high energy prices in Europe and we are told the Europeans don’t like it. Go figure. Meanwhile in the Land of the Free (as in free access to our wallets), politicians like Joni Ernst and Roger Wicker struggle to maintain the image of scary Russia as if it is the Soviet Union that died in 1991, even though it is no longer a communistic devil bent on world domination.

Without a villain the monster has no purpose. What interest do we have in stopping affordable energy in Germany? And why is Ukrainian sovereignty of any interest to any American who doesn’t own Lockheed Martin or Raytheon stock?

In the one country in the world most blessed by free markets of the past (so much so that thousands of people are still sneaking in for a better shot at a decent life) we oppose a pipeline bringing a product from a place of plenty to a place of scarcity for an agreed upon price? What a slap in the face to our predecessors who sacrificed so much to ensure our standard of living through a free choice economy. Republicans who whine about Biden’s spending should take note.

We decry Russian soldiers amassing at their own border. Let’s count the ways American politicians are hypocritical to criticize Russia here:

  • The U.S. military has 173,000 personnel at 750 bases in at least 80 countries around the world.
  • To maintain such a presence we spend almost as much as all the other countries combined.
  • Our borders are relatively open.

Our military is misused and abused. NATO is no longer of any interest to the security of Americans within the legal jurisdiction of our military. The Eurozone has the incentive and resources to defend itself. President Trump’s demands for Europe “pay their fair share” didn’t go nearly far enough.

Senator Roger Wicker even went so far as to say we may have to use a “first strike” nuclear weapon. People like him should have to live in such a hell and leave the rest of us alone.

Daring to Mention RFK, Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wrote a book called “The Real Anthony Fauci.” The roll-out of this book reminds me of some unmentionable situations in history. Let’s just say that it is the overall bestseller on Amazon and ignored by the media that is usually looked to for book reviews.

It has been said that immediate gratification is a symptom of a degrading society. A vaccine is part of this picture, a silver bullet. We’ve made our living growing livestock and so a vaccination shot was way more appealing than the long process of curing sick pigs. But if the pigs were huddled up in a corner, it meant they were cold and stressed. This called for more bedding or a change in ventilation, in addition to their healthy and balanced diet. We didn’t let them suffer thinking a vaccination would override other factors, and it paid off.

The current situation, where vaccinated people still get sick and spread disease, is not new at all. The flu shot was never more than 40% effective, yet vulnerable people got vaccinated as just one part of their defense against this horrific disease.

Vitamin D is an interesting part of healthy living. Its levels in the blood can be discovered in a lab. It is famous for being related to sunlight and as a supplement in milk. A study of 25,871 people found that supplementation of vitamin D had no impact on Cancer, heart disease, or stroke, but blood levels did. Blood levels of vitamin D only increased through sunlight exposure.

What about skin cancer (the deadly kind is called melanoma)? We’ve been cautioned and slathered with sunscreen for years. In a Swedish study of 30,000 sunbathing women over 20 years, there was a marked decrease in blood clots and diabetes. Melanoma was up. However, the sun worshippers were eight times less likely to die from it than people who didn’t make a practice of absorbing sunlight. For every one person who dies from skin cancer, 80 die from cardiovascular disease. The nitric oxide produced by vitamin D dilates the blood vessels to lower blood pressure and promote overall health.

Studies found that sunburns at a young age such as I got on every first day of summer vacation, were far more damaging than a lifetime of outdoor work. Also, the darker the skin, the less vitamin D is produced. Africans overcame this by being closer to the equator. The high levels of melanin in dark skin inhibits vitamin D production to the point that dark skinned people suffer higher rates of all the principal deadly diseases in the upper latitudes.

The Centers For Disease Control finds that only 6% of deaths from Covid-19 are solely due to the virus, while 94% involve other health problems. Yet vaccines are touted as the savior of humanity. The statistics on vitamin D as just one piece of the health puzzle, should get us to thinking about who benefits from the current advocacy of vaccines with the exclusion of anything else. Suppressed information not being part of our reasoning process makes our conclusions on issues invalid.

From what I know about RFK Jr’s book containing a long list of footnoted documentation, it is about far more than Anthony Fauci. The fact that the poor and middle class are losing ground to the super rich is addressed as a part of Fauci’s connections with government agencies and pharmaceutical companies. Echoing sound bites from talking heads and politicians does not address inconvenient scientific questions.