Daring to Mention RFK, Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wrote a book called “The Real Anthony Fauci.” The roll-out of this book reminds me of some unmentionable situations in history. Let’s just say that it is the overall bestseller on Amazon and ignored by the media that is usually looked to for book reviews.

It has been said that immediate gratification is a symptom of a degrading society. A vaccine is part of this picture, a silver bullet. We’ve made our living growing livestock and so a vaccination shot was way more appealing than the long process of curing sick pigs. But if the pigs were huddled up in a corner, it meant they were cold and stressed. This called for more bedding or a change in ventilation, in addition to their healthy and balanced diet. We didn’t let them suffer thinking a vaccination would override other factors, and it paid off.

The current situation, where vaccinated people still get sick and spread disease, is not new at all. The flu shot was never more than 40% effective, yet vulnerable people got vaccinated as just one part of their defense against this horrific disease.

Vitamin D is an interesting part of healthy living. Its levels in the blood can be discovered in a lab. It is famous for being related to sunlight and as a supplement in milk. A study of 25,871 people found that supplementation of vitamin D had no impact on Cancer, heart disease, or stroke, but blood levels did. Blood levels of vitamin D only increased through sunlight exposure.

What about skin cancer (the deadly kind is called melanoma)? We’ve been cautioned and slathered with sunscreen for years. In a Swedish study of 30,000 sunbathing women over 20 years, there was a marked decrease in blood clots and diabetes. Melanoma was up. However, the sun worshippers were eight times less likely to die from it than people who didn’t make a practice of absorbing sunlight. For every one person who dies from skin cancer, 80 die from cardiovascular disease. The nitric oxide produced by vitamin D dilates the blood vessels to lower blood pressure and promote overall health.

Studies found that sunburns at a young age such as I got on every first day of summer vacation, were far more damaging than a lifetime of outdoor work. Also, the darker the skin, the less vitamin D is produced. Africans overcame this by being closer to the equator. The high levels of melanin in dark skin inhibits vitamin D production to the point that dark skinned people suffer higher rates of all the principal deadly diseases in the upper latitudes.

The Centers For Disease Control finds that only 6% of deaths from Covid-19 are solely due to the virus, while 94% involve other health problems. Yet vaccines are touted as the savior of humanity. The statistics on vitamin D as just one piece of the health puzzle, should get us to thinking about who benefits from the current advocacy of vaccines with the exclusion of anything else. Suppressed information not being part of our reasoning process makes our conclusions on issues invalid.

From what I know about RFK Jr’s book containing a long list of footnoted documentation, it is about far more than Anthony Fauci. The fact that the poor and middle class are losing ground to the super rich is addressed as a part of Fauci’s connections with government agencies and pharmaceutical companies. Echoing sound bites from talking heads and politicians does not address inconvenient scientific questions.

4 responses to “Daring to Mention RFK, Jr.

  1. That is an interesting treatment of Vitamin D and skin cancer.  It almost eerily lines up with common sense if you consider Man as a created being who is designed to live perfectly in this world, which is also created for man to live in.  I am outside in the sun as often as I can manage it, not as a ‘sun bather’ but because I like it and I like to be outside working on things.  If I’m careful and moderate I can start in the spring and by the middle of summer I can go hours at a time without burning.  Then after those hours I put on a hat or sunscreen and go the rest of the hours.  At night I look a little crispy, but by morning I’m just brown.  In fact I have often been darker than my black friends in the summer, because I go outside and many other people don’t.  

    The only place I really have to pay a little more attention to is the top of my not-as-well-covered-as-would-be-preferred head. So it seems sunshine most efficiently penetrates skin that is perpendicular to the direction of travel.

    Having said that, I am in Northern Indiana. I have no trouble up here. Once when travelling in Florida I spent a similar amount of time out in the sun and got the worst burn of my life. The closer you are to the equator, the more intense it gets, for sure.

    And that actually goes back to the first observation, and the fact that historically, before modern transportation, people have generally tended to be paler toward the poles and darker toward the equator.

    So you’ve got me wondering. My lineage is British Isles which is at Longitude 54 in the middle of the island. I currently live at Longitude 41.1 which is pretty far south of 54. In Europe where my ancestors would have been, Longitude 41 would be somewhere between Madrid and Istanbul, and there is a lot of water in between those.

    Looking at Longitude 54 in North America, it looks like central Newfoundland would be about right. That is 900 miles North of where I live now. I can operate well at Longitude 41, so there is clearly a great amount of ‘tolerance’ (to use an engineering term) in our global longitudinal location vs. our ability to absorb and survive sunlight.

    Oh yes, and BTW this whole thing has not been about health, it has been about a massive transfer of wealth, sovereignty, and power.

    Thank you for the article.

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