Letter to Car & Driver

The magazine had an issue with mostly articles about EVs (electric vehicles). Backfires is their letters to the editor section. It contained mostly letters from subscribers enraged that they would print so much on EVs.

Dear Editor,

Okay, enough is enough. How dare you print all these articles about gas powered SUVs with automatic transmissions. I can live with the satire on Evs. Actually to be stuck in a blizzard in Iowa with nothing to read but that stuff would be okay. I could burn it for heat.

Dyer dissing my Sportwagen TDI manual and bragging about his 7.3 swap in a Bronco makes me cough to think about it.

I don’t get what the fuss is all about with your EV coverage from people who sat back and let the feds ban the best car there is so oil companies could sell 30% more fuel.

Don’t cancel my subscription. Backfires is a gas!

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