Charles Grassley

Yesterday was Chuck’s birthday. The dinosaur of the Senate.

Chuck Grassley - Wikipedia

It was also “Constitution Day.”

I remember going up to the local community college for an event we read about in the paper. Federal law says all schools must hold an event recognizing Constitution Day on September 17. The specific topic that day, besides being unconstitutional telling schools what to do, was the “General Welfare Clause.” It is in the very first paragraph about promoting the general welfare to “ourselves.”

The so-called teacher was extolling the virtues of the clause to let the government take over our lives. When the discussion turned to how this takeover actually might have negative consequences it was three o’clock and his lame brain train of thought turned to the door. Oh well.

Once I asked Grassley (a long time friend of my grandpa and really nice guy) where in the Constitution it says the government can tell us what we may ingest, he said, “It doesn’t. but the courts have changed all that.”

The much maligned Oath Keepers would obviously reject Grassley’s membership.

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