One response to “FRom Kit Pharo

  1. Old news. The “freedoms” about which the poster displays have already gone by the wayside and the past two generations likely could not describe a single right in the Bill of Rights. The U.S. government does whatever it wants. It controls the information media, including the social network websites. So most Americans, who will only read the headlines, or maybe a couple of early sentences in an article, or only hear “news” from the government-controlled propaganda TV networks and cable news shows (including Fox News), have no comprehension as to what freedom really looks like. Now, with the U.S. white (aka, European descendant) population in the U.S. at only 58%, and among that 58% we probably have at least half that vote Democrat (not that voting makes a difference), the majority of the country consist of people who are steeped in an omni-benevolent government that knows-all and which will provide for and solve the nation’s problems. There is no chance for any correction of the slippery slope of everyone (to paraphrase Klaus Schwab) “owning nothing but being happy.”

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