The Science

A friend told me a story of his 2 sisters – one was extremely careful, always wore a mask, stayed indoors during the lockdowns and stopped going outside to exercise.

The other didn’t believe the fear mongering, continued to run every day and kept going about her life.

The one who kept her life going got the Rona, was barely affected and passed it along to the sister who’d locked down. The “safe” sister was hit very bad & still has lingering effects.

He attributed this to the idea that it can affect different people with the same genetic makeup differently.

I, as a former Special Forces medic with pre-med at a top tier medical university have a different take. Want to hear it? Because it’s right there in front of you…

The human immune system is an amazing thing and works by being in contact with the biome of bugs & viruses that surround us at all times.

Every time you touch something, talk to someone or go outside you come into contact with billions of various bugs & germs.

As most of them aren’t strong enough or plentiful enough to harm you, your immune is able to both kill them off inside your body and prepare a better defense against the next time you come into contact with those bugs, sometimes giving you the sniffles in the process but often you never even notice.

Now, what happens when you wear a mask 24/7 for + a year, use hand sanitizer after you touch anything throughout the day and keep yourself shut in so that you don’t come into contact with the normal biome that people have interacted with through all of human history.

Your immune system greatly weakens.

Here’s the thing – a lot of brilliant doctors were screaming that this would happen the moment they started talking about lockdowns.

But the media & social media censored those docs so the avg person who wasn’t listening doesn’t know that.

One response to “The Science

  1. Correct. Human immune systems are strengthened by the exchange between individual humans of viruses and bacteria. You should welcome these exchanges. But all of the Fauci- and government-mandated defensive actions against the not-so-deadly Covid-19 do just the opposite of these immune system improvement exchanges. Those demonic mandates prolonging the Covid flu were intentional, were they not? The makeup of one’s genome is about 50% viruses.

    Also, a simple evaluation of virus and bacteria particle sizes would show that masks, even the N-95 versions, are completely useless.

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