3 responses to “tune in to public radio, for example

  1. About what debate are you writing? Because, all issues emanating from the Left have been won by the Left owing to a completely self-absorbed, insouciant American public.

  2. Slander is more effective than debate, apparently.
    Public education? Public radio. Anything done without regard for profit goes left. It is the nature of things. Theft is regarded as moral. No debate is needed.

    • As you are aware, anything that shuts down debate on a subject that’s dear to the heart of a leftist has been shown to be an effective tactic. When one’s viewpoints are based on personal feelings as opposed to facts or historical realities, there is no defense in a legitimate debate. Slandering a person with an opposing viewpoint by calling him a “racist,” for example, stops the discussion cold. The person slandered then feels obligated to defend himself against the slur. But you know this.

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